Woolash : The lash serum with super growth property

Woolash : The lash serum with super growth property

Most women use about two to three lash serums before finally settling on the right serum, after wasting their money. Many women go through this cycle because they do not properly research product before buying, coupled with the saturation of lash serums in the market.
If you don’t want to go through this cycle, you need to discuss with a dermatologist or a skin care experts on the best serum to use.
When selecting lash serums, we normally inform women to look for these three things;

The composition of the product

There are several brands of eyelash serum each with its compositions. However, certain compositions must be present in a potent eyelash growth serum. You should avoid using a serum that lacks the necessary ingredients needed for eyelash growth.

Online reviews

When trying to buy an eyelash serum, it is not enough to depend entirely on the recommendation of someone (except if the person is a doctor) you want to go online and read widely all lash serum reviews from customers who have used the product. You should be careful here; some companies use fake reviews to deceive unsuspecting customers. Check out reviews from authoritative blogs and YouTube channels.

Read Woolash reviews

Brand Reputation

The brand reputation of a cosmetic manufacturer matters a lot. If a company has a history of producing drugs with several complaints of side effects, you should probably stay away from their products. A simple way of checking a product’s brand reputation is by talking to people in the cosmetic industry or better still talk to your doctor.

Woolash Lash Serum

We recommend Woolash lash serum because it fulfills the three criteria we put up here. Woolash has a solid brand that took years to build. The company wouldn’t engage in unethical practices that can damage its brand. The product also has several positive reviews from customers who have bought it. A simple search on Google will reveal some reviews made by customers around the world.
However, this is not all about the product; it does produces amazing results. A study conducted by the company reveals that the product performs beyond average for major lash conditions such as sparse, weak, short and unhealthy lashes. Here are the results below.
•    93% of the people used Woolash experienced fuller and denser eyelashes
•    95% of the people who used Woolash experienced longer lashes
•    99% of people who used the product had more conditioned lashes
•    97% of used the product reported a healthier eyelashes
The potency of Woolash comes from its super active ingredients which help to unlock lash boosting properties to the eyelash follicles. The ingredients inlcude biotin, calcium pantothenate, panthenol, fruit extract, and peptides such as Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17 and Myristoyl Hexapeptide-16.


There aren’t many serums with super growth property in the market and if you find one it is usually very expensive. Your eyelash deserves the best nutrients and Woolash lash serum is the best performing lash growth serum to use.

Woolash outperforms many other lash boosters in the market because it is made with revolutionary formula backed by a strong clinical study that proves its performance.   
To learn much about Woolash, please click here.

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