Reasons for using eyelash serum and why eyelashes do not grow?

Reasons for using eyelash serum and why eyelashes do not grow?

Eyelash serums have gained notoriety due to their potential to enhance the length, thickness, and general well-being of eyelashes. These serums regularly contain key ingredients like peptides, vitamins, and botanical extrication that feed the hair follicles and advance lash development. Many individuals turn to these serums to attain more full and more emotional lashes without the requirement for expansions or wrong lashes. In any case, different factors can prevent natural eyelash development. Hereditary qualities play a noteworthy part, as a few people are inclined to have shorter or sparser lashes. Also, age, hormonal changes, therapeutic conditions, and poor lash care hones can contribute to stunted lash growth. Eyelash serums point to counter these issues by giving necessary supplements and creating an optimal environment for healthy lash development.

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Would you like your female friends to envy your long and lusty lashes? Have you ever considered improving the condition of your brittle lashes? If the answer is yes, the solution may be in purchasing a good eyelash growth serum.  We can extend our lashes by having the synthetic lashes glued but this method is not permanent and can be damaging to our serum for eyelashes. Eyelash growth serums are formulated with beneficial vitamins that promote natural lash growth.

When you begin to desire healthier, longer, thicker lashes

As soon as you wish to have a longer lash line with volume, you can ask your doctor to prescribe one for you. It is more suitable to use when your lashes seem dry and dehydrated as lash serums can help condition your lashes till they grow thick enough.

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When you notice sparse lash lines as a result of cosmetic procedures

Just like how we need to boost our immune system while recovering from an illness, eyelash growth serums are our lash boosters. With eyelashes, lash serum helps rejuvenate our eyelids to enable them to grow stronger and healthier lashes.

When you’ve cut down on eating healthy diets.

When you get super busy with life and indulge in unhealthy meals, you’re indirectly affecting the health of your lashes. A lash growth serum will help to cushion the effect and keep your lash volume intact without any complications. You only need to use it diligently throughout a short period.

You should also consider taking supplements rich in vitamin B and biotin, as this will help stimulate lash growth. Being busy shouldn’t stop you from looking beautiful.

When you want some lash confidence without the ‘falsies.’

The Natural lash growth serum trend is here to stay. So you might as well indulge your lashes in a growth serum. This will help boost your confidence as you’ll enjoy admiration from friends and colleagues about how attractive your lashes look.

A conscious application for 30 days should show significant changes in lash volume. Also, you may want to apply the lash growth serum at night to aid rapid penetration into the lash follicles to condition, repair and stimulate lash growth.

An excellent lash growth serum!

Woolash Serum is the best thing that can happen to your eyes this 2019! The major components in this eyelash serum are plant and mineral extracts that have been carefully filtered, pressed, and processed with the latest technologies. It is highly potent and guarantees 100% safety. You don’t have to worry about developing eye irritations.

is packed with remarkable benefits derived from carefully selected ingredients to pack as many active ingredient benefits as possible.

It will so enhance your lashes that you’ll forget about your mascara and eyelash extensions. It is a tested and trusted product guaranteed to give you amazing results in a short time with no complications. To know more about this product visit the link below…

Start the treatment today and get to enjoy a maximum increase in lash growth and thickness.

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Having a longer eyelash isn’t a privileged given to everyone genetically. However, it is a common desire of every woman to have that long, fluttery lashes. The eyelash recreates the face making it look more beautiful and appealing to the eye. Our inability to have natural lashes has forced many women into settling for fake lashes, extensions, and mascara.

More so, there are reasons that affect most of us from having longer lashes naturally. Our body has been perfectly created to grow those lashes with little or no effort but due to some factors that we are not mindful of, it becomes almost impossible to have those lashes we always crave for.

Improper Hygiene

Among the hindering factors affecting the natural growth of eyelashes is improper hygiene when applying makeup. When we apply makeup such as mascara and neglect to wash our hands thoroughly and properly, we risk giving room for them to get infected.

Most importantly, going to bed without removing our makeup fully will allow dirt and germs to build upon our eyes which often cause irritation. The effect of irritation will lead to the feeling of itchiness on the eye and as such you will rub your eyes which results in the lashes falling off faster than you imagined.

Iron deficiency in the body

This is a common problem that has affected many today from having longer and fuller lashes. Hair follicles are made of body cells that require hemoglobin. Lack of iron often results in slow lash growth and also makes your hair fall off.

Also, iron deficiency in the human body often results in the hair becoming brittle, dry and eventually falling off. Thus, this is why some of us find it difficult to grow hair naturally. And also why it is important to ensure you include iron-rich food in your diet, to support proper serum for eyelashes.


When we deny ourselves sufficient rest that the body needs we tend to make it almost impossible for the body to regain itself. Lack of rest is a clear indication of harming our body because it affects the growth and healing process of the body, also it is a huge contributor to airbags.

When we deny ourselves rest we make it difficult for the body to reproduce and replenish itself naturally which often disrupts serum for eyelashes.

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Achieving natural eyelash growth with a very simple method

It is quite simple to achieve serum for eyelashes naturally. The first thing to consider is to avoid the above reason that would affect eyelash enhancing serum these include;

  • Proper care of the eye and hygiene
  • Taking food rich in iron and foods with nutritional value.
  •  Getting enough rest daily.

More so, there are a number of available beauty products that could help increase and regrowth of natural eyelashes. These products are well manufactured with natural ingredients sufficient for the stimulation of eyelash growth.

Also, they are made for growing eyelashes, enhancement, and conditioning as well which helps in ensuring the eyelash is well conditioned to avoid drying which often leads to falling out. It is best to invest in these products to help boost your lash growth. Woolash is the best brand known by customers and positive comments have been made about it. You can read Woolash reviews and buy your product with confidence. 

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