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Eyelash extensions are an expensive substitute that will add length to the eyelashes just like hair extensions would add to the hair. Frankly, extensions need to be kept up, as eyelash extensions have a tendency to fall out after a certain amount of time but it can also be a good alternative.

Why use an eyelash extension

Not everyone, but those who have eyelashes with an absurd size, brittle, or sparsely looking lashes can really feel the need for eyelash extensions.  It is also useful for all those who want to change their facial appearance or style. Eyelash extensions can also be personalized to your demands. With this process, you can be given a variety of sizes, colors, lengths, and features.

Eyelash extensions can make you change your lashes to become longer, fuller, and wider in varied colors. The colors range from red, blue, black, green, and blond among others that are offered by beauticians in salons around you.

How can you do eyelash extensions?

The eyelash extension is recommended to be done by a professional stylist or technician with a remarkable experience in attaching lashes one after the other carefully. The job might be a bit tiring and stressful due to its delicacy; this is why it is required to be done by someone who knows the technic of doing it properly.

Allowing inexperienced personnel to do your lashes can have an adverse effect on you because when the eyelash extension is applied wrongly, it will affect your existing eyelash making it fall off and can also put more strain on your eyes in the process.

How long does it take to apply?

The extensions procedure is very uncomfortable because you would have to sit down for hours while the stylish do their job. The procedure for getting an eyelash extension might take up to two hours. This period the professional stylist or technician will apply the extension giving you a new set of lashes.

Also, eyelash extension requires regular touch up appointments between a span of three to four weeks.

How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Take

The extensions procedure is very uncomfortable because you would have to sit down for hours while the stylish do their job. The procedure for getting an eyelash extension might take up to two hours. During this period the professional stylist or technician will apply the extension giving you a new set of lashes.

Also, eyelash extension requires regular touch-up appointments between a span of three to four weeks.

how long do lash extensions last?

The eyelash extension needs to be redone every six weeks by experts. After this period, the extensions are weakened leading to detachments from the existing eyelashes. And the eyelash extensions are bound to remove easily or become damaged over time when exposed to water and oil.

Does eyelash extension have an adverse effect on natural lashes?

As much as an eyelash extension can give you those gorgeous looks of having a longer, fuller eyelash that can last for a longer period, it does have an adverse effect on the existing lashes.

Extensions are attached to the natural lashes which makes them fall off if not applied properly or as a result of itching they are being pulled leading to plucking out your natural lashes from its root.


The best alternative anyone can be offered about their eyelash growth is the use of eyelash growth serum. The eyelash enhancement serums enable your natural lashes to grow easily by stimulating growth and ensuring proper conditioning to avoid breakage as well.     

Eyelash Extension can be very damaging to your lash growth which has also made many bald but with eyelash serum products you are on your way to bringing back those luscious natural longer lashes. Simply follow this link to get the best eyelash growth serum on the market.


Regrettably, many of us are not born with longer lashes and we’re just left with what we could have. Our desire for long sweeping eyelashes became ideally what we want. There are many inexpensive methods of getting longer eyelashes.

You can pick natural growth serums, false eyelashes, extensions or implants to achieve what you want with your eyelashes, although the latter option is quite expensive and often not recommended for most people.

While some are fed up with applying mascara, extensions, false lashes, and the like, others have witnessed the dangers of using these products on their existing lashes. However, it’s possible to get your natural eyelashes longer without the need for it.

The best way to have Longer Eyelashes and beautiful

Having longer and beautiful eyelashes is a desire shared by many, and there are various methods to achieve this coveted look. easier items that can help you have long eyelashes include:

eyelash Implants

The first we’ll talk about is the eyelash implant. Eyelash implants are basically a cosmetic procedure whereby natural lashes are implanted alongside your own. This procedure is not fast, nor is it cheap, but it does give very good results.

However, this procedure will definitely give you longer lashes but they can be very expensive and this doesn’t mean they won’t fall off like normal lashes anymore. Also, you need to decide if it’s worth it compared to a cheaper and safer method for eyelash growth. Most importantly ensure to use a qualified professional/stylist to carry out this procedure.

Eyelash Extensions

The second is an eyelash extension which is much easier and quicker to apply. These eyelash extensions are synthetic lash that is attached to your existing eyelash and often grows out as your natural lash lengthening serum.

The lash extensions are not a one-off procedure and will require being stripped back and new ones applied regularly. Also, removing your eyelash extension will automatically pull out your natural lashes from the root making it difficult for further growth. Therefore, it must be performed by qualified professionals.

fake eyelashes

Semi-permanent eyelashes are usually synthetic or natural lashes which are gotten from animals. They can be applied along the lash-line with special glue. And they also come in full strips, clumps or single lashes and are perhaps the cheapest way to get great looking lashes when the occasion calls. However, care must be exercised when removing the strip because natural lashes can be pulled out at the same time.

EyeLash Growth Serum

Eyelash growth enhancement serum is becoming increasingly popular, and it is the best choice for longer lashes. The popularity of lash serum is due to some remarkable reported results.

The serums are easy to use and can be applied usually at night every day, and in just 2 to 4 weeks, the result of longer and fuller lashes is guaranteed.

Conclusively, you don't need to live with short, thin, and sparsely looking eyelashes, you can easily get longer lashes with eyelash growth serum. They provide the safest guarantee of longer, fuller, thicker, and more gorgeous natural lashes that fits all makeup and skin.

woolash reviews can give you the best and easiest way to have healthy and thick eyelashes without any restrictions.

The cause of the loss of eyelashes

Today, having a longer luxurious eyelash is a necessity to showcase one's eyes satisfactorily. With many artists and beauty pageants dominating the magazines and the internet with longer lashes, being a woman with eyelash loss can be very upsetting.

Just like other areas of the body that has hair, natural shedding of the eyelashes can occur when new growth pushes out old lashes. This is among the most common cause of why eyelashes falling out

Unfortunately, the causes of loss of eyelashes in some individuals are more complex than the others, which would require proper diagnosis by a dermatologist to ascertain the main cause and provide a remedy for it.

The 5 common causes of loss of eyelashes are:

Thyroid conditions

This affects hair growth and causes loss of eyelashes. When an individual has a low-functioning thyroid, one of the primary symptoms is hair loss. Normally, the moment the thyroid condition has been treated, the loss of the eyelashes stops immediately.

Ciliary Madarosis

This is another one of the most common causes of eyelash loss. The medical term for the loss of eyelashes is Ciliary Madarosis. It is commonly caused by blepharitis, which can only be treated by a physician. The increase of blepharitis can also lead to sensitivity to light, burning or tingling sensations and swelling of the eyes.


This condition is a less common cause of eyelash loss. It occurs when the immune system of the human body attacks the hair follicles. Majorly, hair loss is limited to the scalp; however, subject to the severity of the condition, the hair loss can extend to the facial part and other areas of the body.

Makeup remover and cosmetics

The use of certain makeup and cosmetics removers can have an adverse effect on eyelashes. This is because the eyelash falls off as a result of an allergic reaction to some ingredients in this product. Substituting a normal makeup remover for a hypoallergenic makeup remover cleanser and makeup products can significantly reduce the effect on eyelashes.

TTM or Trichotillomania

This is a very common cause of eyelash loss that is caused by the individual. TTM is an impulse disorder that causes the individual to compulsively pluck out or pull out their lashes from the eyelids. Over time, as a result of the compulsion, the damage to the eyelashes could be permanent and this will hinder further growth.

In these instances, the treatment for this disorder tends to differ which often involves therapy, medication prescription, behavioral support therapy, and eyelash growth serum.

In conclusion, there are some eyelash growth enhancement products available that are developed for the purpose of enhancing lash growth. These products are made with powerful vitamins, minerals, proteins, and natural ingredients that were specifically blended to help stimulate and strengthen eyelash growth.

There are millions of women who suffer from loss of eyelashes and don’t know there are treatments available. There are first-rate lash restoration products that allow you to regrow eyelashes naturally, safely, and subtly. Follow this link for an eyelash regrowth enhancer that is suitable for you.

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