Every woman is willing to try almost anything to achieve the desired beautiful, long-looking eyelashes. However, there are several eyelash growth enhancer products on the market with several ways that you can get longer lashes naturally.


Several products and mascaras were introduced to make lashes appear longer. And there is a high demand for lash products which has given room for the introduction of new ones on the market. Enhancing your eyelashes can significantly improve the appearance of your face.

Thus, try attempting some of the tips below for achieving long natural lashes.

Eyelash growth tips

Certainly, here are some tips that may help promote eyelash growth:

Vaseline or Olive Oil

Some women report success using only Vaseline or olive oil for their lash growth. To use this method, merely apply these oils to your lashes at night and rinse them off in the morning. Do this every night for two weeks and if you do not notice longer, thicker eyelashes then you may want to try a different technique.

Fake lashes

This works effectively for a temporary fix. And it’s common among celebrities which makes their eyelashes appear longer. It is necessary to be careful not to apply copious amounts of eyelash glue as it will pull out several lashes at a time when you take it off. Also, ensure to follow the manufacturer's directions when applying fake eyelashes.

Interestingly, numerous eyelash makeup tricks help gives the look of having a longer lashes.

  • Lash curler: The use of curled eyelashes makes it possible to create an illusion of a longer, fuller eyelash. Overturned lashes associated with youth could also brighten their eyes.
  • Apply eyeliners on your lash line: Choosing eyeliner is easy but consider a darker color compared to the natural color of your lash line. It will also help you create the appearance that there is more hair at the roots of your lashes.

It is advisable for any woman who suffers from short brittle or sparsely-looking lashes to consider eyelash growth remedies. To safely grow back, your natural lashes using a supplement will not only help you regain self-confidence but also restore the eye's natural defense and protection system.

However, if the results with the makeup tips and Vaseline aren't enough for you then try a free one. Using an eyelash serum is one of the best means of achieving longer, fuller, and thicker eyelash growth products on the market. Several women have seen great success with using this product, and the best part is you can try it without being scared of side effects.

Eyelash serums are formulated to help the thickening and growth of eyelashes. If you want to stimulate and boost the growth of your eyelashes, it is essential to take into consideration the benefits of the.

However, if you are in a quest of for longer, fuller, and thicker natural lashes that will bring out your beauty and improve your looks, You can use Woolash eyelash serum. To see Woolash reviews, go to the comments page and buy the product you need safely.


woolash eyelash serum

There's a multitude of reasons that you may cause pulling out your eyelash growth. Most of those who lose theirs will do so over a period of time as the eyelash growth cycle is disrupted. This can be attributed to many reasons such as certain types of medication, certain types of treatments, some sorts of dysfunctions, or even just generally poor health.

As the growth cycle becomes affected your lashes can become brittle, which then gives them a tendency to break off, leaving them either missing completely or short by up to half of their original length.

However, it is often advised to avoid pulling out the eyelash enhancer. Thus, the following advice is given to prevent the urge to do so.

Distract yourself

People who suffer from this hair-pulling disorder have the uncontrollable urge to pull out hair from their scalp or other parts of their body. Hence, it is recommended to get into the habit of doing something else when you get the urge to pull your hair out, such as going for a walk, doing needlepoint, writing in your journal, etc.

Distraction isn't just about doing something else; it's about retraining the brain to the point where it starts to feel more natural not to pull in response to your trigger times.

Discover what makes you do it

Sometimes we find ourselves pulling our hair without even having been aware of any triggers which there is always one.

It is best to use something to physically help identify the triggers such as weights on your arms during dangerous times or fear, the moment we’re anxious and tend to touch our lashes. With this, we are able to identify and realize what leads to the urge to touch and pull out our lashes.

The point is even after you have pulled to see the damage. Try to ignore the area and before you realize it you'll have new hair where it used to be bald. It seems like such a simple thing to do, but stopping myself from looking in the mirror constantly was one of the major keys to my peace of mind and success.

Avoid mirror a times

When you avoid looking at the mirror often will make it easy for you to get your mind off the area you keep pulling. Examining the area will only focus your attention on it and your failure to control yourself.

Eat healthily

Having a healthy body is a crucial in laying the foundations to grow your eyelash growth successfully. Many studies show that nutrition can contribute to exacerbating urges to pull.

Thus, avoid processed foods, ensure to eat a balanced, healthy diet, and keep regular exercise. Exercise improves circulation throughout the body, including your scalp, which can result in faster hair growth and soothed follicles.

how to Use eyelash serum for re-growth?

You can use an eyelash serum to help jumpstart your lash re-growth after pulling it out. Eyelash serum is fortified with a natural ingredient that helps stimulate growth and increase lash strength and condition. Pulling out the hair will make it difficult for the eyelash to re-grow naturally, however, the use of eyelash enhancement serum will make this easy and effective.

The best solution to grow back those lashes!

is an Eyelash growth serum that will help to stimulate new growth through the careful blend of naturally sourced eyelash-loving ingredients with special extracts to condition and hydrate your lashes.

This along with a commitment to treat your eyes with extra TLC will bring out the length and volume of your lashes. Growing out your lashes will enhance your looks, build your confidence and create a natural barrier and protection system for your eyes.

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