increase eyelash growth

increase eyelash growth

We all grew up and realized that we have lashes. Most of us have no idea how on earth they came to be. All we know is that we like how they make us look more beautiful and sexier. Even when we crave longer and fuller eyelashes and we go shopping for eyelash growth serums, we have no idea how these eyelash serums aid the growth of our lashes.

how to increase eyelash growth

Anyways, your eyelashes have a growth circle. They didn’t just pop out from nowhere and it takes a while before an eyelash completes the full growth circle and falls off. And yes, it is natural that your eyelashes fall off. It only becomes a problem when it falls off at a faster rate than it grows.


There are three different growth stages that every lash undergoes and, I would be explaining below:

Anagen stage

The anagen phase can also be referred to as the growth stage. This is the stage where there is an active growth of the lashes right from the lash follicles. Simply put; at this point, your lashes are growing actively.  This stage takes a period of 30 to 45 days to be completed. During this growth, just 40 percent of your upper lashes actively grow while just 15 percent of your lower lashes grow at a given time. Usually, when the lash grows to a specific length, it stops growing.

Catagen stage

The catagen phase can also be referred to as the transition stage. Your eyelashes stop growing and this is followed by the shrinking of your hair follicles. During this stage, if an eyelash is plucked off or falls off, it cannot grow back immediately. This is because the hair follicle responsible for that lash has to finish this stage before it can proceed to the next. This stage is completed within two to three weeks.

increase eyelash growth

Telogen stage

The telogen phase can also be called the resting stage. This stage has the longest duration. It can last for as long as 100 days and even more. At the end of this stage, your lashes will eventually fall off and new lashes will begin to grow.  All your lashes do not grow at the same time, each lash is at a different stage of the growth cycle. That is why few lashes fall off most days. After an eyelash falls, it usually takes about 8 weeks for it to grow back.

How to prevent eyelash loss?

The truth is; you cannot prevent it. So, the best thing to do is, make sure that you get an eyelash growth product.

If you get an eyelash serum, it will be almost impossible to notice that your lashes are falling out. This is because a lash serum makes your lashes grow longer and thicker naturally.

It stimulates the growth of more lashes and speeds up the growth of existing lashes. This way, even when lashes fall off, your eyelashes still look full and long.

how to increase lashes naturally

3 Beauty Products for Longer Lashes

It is the dream of almost every woman to have lashes that are very long and full. This is because most of us have really short and scanty lashes. The good news, however, is that there is a way. Every woman can get the lashes of her dreams.

The truth is; there is no magical way to achieve this. All you need is consistency and patience, and soon, those lashes you desire will be yours.  There are different eyelash growth products that are available. Truth is you have different options, and they include:

Fake Eyelashes

    When it comes to fake lashes, they are a suitable option because they do not cost so much. Whether you get them at a drugstore or a luxury store, you don’t have to bother about digging into your pocket.  They can be used and reused till they wear out.

    For those that do not have the patience for lash serums, falsies are the best option. Though it will not make your lashes long, it definitely will make them appear long, full, dark, and sexy. 

    However, though it gives an immediate solution, it is temporary. You eventually have to pull them off and then your lashes become short again. And it is very obvious when you put on fake lashes that they are not real. You can’t fool people that your lashes are naturally long.

      Lash Extensions

        If you do not fancy fake eyelashes, then lash extensions are also a good option. The good part is, lash extensions have a natural look, and you can determine how full or long you would like the extensions to be. It might take a while to get the extensions fixed and sometimes tiring, but in the end, you walk out with great-looking lashes that can last for weeks.

        However, you should be careful when you use lash extensions. There have been complaints that lash extensions can damage your real lashes. The glue used for attaching to your lashes can be damaging to your lashes. Moreover, when you grow new lashes without extensions attached to them, it seems like there is a bald patch in your lashes.

        increase lash growth

          Eyelash Growth Serums

            Eyelash serums give you the opportunity to pick from a different variety. There are serums filled with vitamins aimed at just lash growth; some give a moisturizing effect to your lashes while others perform a bunch of functions. With lash serums, there is no need for fake lashes or having to fix extensions constantly. You will notice visible changes in the volume and length. These aren't fake. They won't just appear long; they are long and real.

            However, it is not magical. You need patience and give it time. In no time, you will finally get the lashes of your dreams.

            If we are to be realistic, why choose options that are not real or do not last, when you have eyelash serums? Eyelash serums make your lashes fuller, longer, and darker. If you have short lashes, you definitely need an eyelash serum. To get an eyelash growth serum that works.

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