For some of us, we get frustrated with the thoughts of using lash growth as a result of health complications we might be experiencing. Granted, some days may not look so bright, but it shouldn’t stop you from batting those lovely lashes of yours while waiting to get better.

Damage to eyelashes can result from using lash extensions, waterproof mascaras and eyelash curlers and most importantly, diseased conditions. However, the disease condition, understanding the disease and taking necessary precaution is important.

Would you like to get more information on the likely reasons why your lashes might be falling without notice? Tag along, you might learn something new.

Health conditions that can limit lash growth :

Just like Alopecia, that affects the hair; the eyelash can also suffer its health challenges. Unknown to some of us, these health challenges can cause more harm than the makeup applications and cosmetic procedures. This is not an exhaustive list, but it would help give a hint on how to care for your lashes better.

The following are health conditions that affect lash growth:

Allergy reactions

Some allergies may take a while to manifest hence the need to check the ingredients on your beauty product properly. The resultant effects from allergies involve itchy eyes, swollen eyes, clogged eyelid pores, watery eyes and so on. These can cause you to lose more lashes, and we don’t want that!


This is an inflammation of the eyelids. It usually involves the part of the eyelash where the eyelid grows from. It is a result of clogged pores around the eyelids. It can be uncomfortable to look at with symptoms such as swollen red eyes, itchy eyes, sensitivity to light, abnormal lash growth and loss of lashes.

Demodex Folliculorum

These are harmless mites that live around hair follicles, strange right?! They feed on nutrients and hormones around hair follicles and can be found around the eyelash as well. A large number of these mites can cause problems especially for people with a weak immune system and those using steroid creams and pills. This can also prevent lash growth.


is a rare disorder characterised by abnormal eyelash growth serum, rubbing against the cornea and causing irritation of the eyes. It results in an irregular growth of lashes and presents symptoms such as pain in the eyes, watery eyes, redness, foreign body sensation and decrease in vision.

The best solution to grow back those lashes!

is a Eyelash growth serum that will help to stimulate new growth through the careful blend of naturally sourced eyelash loving ingredients with special extracts to condition and hydrate your lashes.

This along with a commitment to treat your eyes with extra TLC will bring out the length and volume of your lashes. Growing out your lashes will enhance your looks, build your confidence and create a natural barrier and protection system for your eyes.

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