Does Eyelash Serum Really Work?

Does Eyelash Serum Really Work?

I have used an eyelash growth serum on and off for some years. When I first tried it, I didn't have any expectation that it would work for me. But it does help with growing and thickening my lashes. The result turned out to be exceptional and mind-blowing. One thing I do want to mention about eyelash growth serum is that it doesn't increase your lash volume and length overnight. It takes consistent use – and a lot of discipline at that.

You have to be wise, however, with your selection. Some eyelash growth serum only condition and adds shine to your lashes. That may not be sufficient for you as most people pick up a serum for length and thickness. So be sure you are wise with your eyelash serum selection. A well-formulated serum helps keep your lashes longer, thicker, fuller, and curlier. Another thing to note is that some lash enhancers require that you keep investing your hard-earned money to maintain your fabulous lashes. While others can leave a long-lasting result on your lashes. Be careful to read what other users are saying about the serum before buying.

So, if you’re still in doubt about whether lash serums work or not. Don't worry. We introduce the best serums to you.

Applying Eyelash Serum

When you first start using the lash growth serum, I advise using it once daily – preferably before bedtime.

It doesn’t make a difference if you use it in the morning too (although some manufacturers indicated otherwise. But a day is just perfect).

Before using your serum, get rid of your makeup and mascara by washing your face with your choice cleanser. Wipe your face of excess water.

Then, dip your lash applicator into the lash booster container, take some (and make sure you have little to avoid getting the serum in your eyes). Then carefully brush your applicator to your upper and lower lash roots.

Why I Started Using Eyelash Enhancer

I am someone who doesn’t put on false lashes.  I can't do that on a daily basis. It doesn't work for my everyday lifestyle. It doesn't work for the job that I have, and I can't spend time putting on false lashes. For me, using a growth serum becomes the only viable solution. Another reason I started using eyelash growth serum is that my lashes were becoming useless – a lot of bare spots with a thin and light feeling. Starting to use my lash enhancer, my dead lashes began to resurrect. My friends and colleagues began appreciating my new lashes. All these good things didn’t happen overnight. It took almost 12 weeks (if not more).

Tying Different Lash Growth Serums

The truth is, there are tons of bad serums out there with a lot of fake ingredients. Some don't work while others irritate the eyes, leaving you uncomfortable for hours. Choosing your serum should be based on the ingredient and the friendliness of the eyes– the most critical factors. Then you can consider the price, the ease of use, and other things.
One serum that ticks all the right boxes is Woolash. Woolash serum is cruelty-free and comes in a big jar that will last you for more than 4 months. It contains 90% of active ingredients – the highest percentage you can find on the market today. It is easy on the eyes and promises results within 2 months.

You can refer to the comments page of this product to view woolash reviews and buy safely

Beautiful eyes with natural eyelashes

Not long ago, we once had to rely only on fake eyelashes and mascara to get the look of long luscious lashes again. But now, we don’t have to fake it thanks to eyelash serums. When looking for the best eyelash growth serum, it’s important that you know what they can do and how they work on your eyelashes.

If you’d like to stop throwing your money away getting lash extensions every few weeks or stop struggling with using fake eyelashes whenever you want to give your lash line more oomph, then you need to use the best eyelash serum to restore your natural lash line naturally with science-backed ingredients created by nature.

The Phases of eyelash growth serum

It may help to understand the science behind the growth cycle of your eyelashes first though. There are three life stages that your eyelashes go through:

  • Anagen – This is the growth phase that lasts anywhere from 30 to 45 days. During this time, roughly 40% of your upper lashes are growing (15% for lower lashes). Lashes grow to a certain length and then stop.
  • Catagen – This is the transition phase, where the hair follicle shrinks. If you lose an eyelash during this phase, it isn’t growing back until the follicle it fell from completes this phase, which lasts between 2 and 3 weeks.
  • Telogen – This is the resting stage which can go on for over 100 days before the lash falls out and begins to be replaced by a new one growing in. Each lash goes through its own phase at a different time which is why your lashes won’t all suddenly fall out at once.

When looking for the best eyelash booster, you should choose one with a natural formulation that is backed by science so that it can address these 3 phases of eyelash growth serum to maximize lash growth potential. One of the best eyelash growth products on  WooLash the market today is for this reason.

WooLash Active Ingredients

WooLash is a lash booster that is only available online. It has been named the best eyelash enhancer by many beauty enthusiasts because it features a roster of proven ingredients that work independently and cooperatively to grow lashes by working with their natural phases.

Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17, an innovative peptide, nourishes the skin at the base of the lash, working to moisturize and condition every lash to prevent breakage and reveal longer, plumper lashes with natural volume. Grape Stem Cells come from the skin of grapes and deliver antioxidants to the lash line to stimulate growth and grow longer lashes. Glycerin, a humectant, and Provitamin B5 both infuse and hydrate the lash area to give you noticeably fuller, thicker, stronger, and more luscious lashes.

Would you like to grow longer lashes? Then you must use a safe eyelash serum that works. WooLash is that eyelash serum, known as the best eyelash booster around for developing a formula that is in touch with the specific phases of the eyelash. Order it online today!

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