what causes eyelashes to fall out?

what causes eyelashes to fall out?

Eyelashes can drop out due to an assortment of reasons, both common and lifestyle-related. One common cause is essentially the normal development cycle of eyelashes, which ordinarily keeps going around three months some time recently the eyelashes falling out and are supplanted by a modern one. Furthermore, eye diseases or sensitivities can cause eyelash misfortune as the body endeavors to battle off the contamination or allergen. Certain solutions and restorative medications such as chemotherapy can moreover cause eyelash misfortune as a side impact. Way of life variables can contribute to eyelash misfortune as well, such as rubbing or pulling at the eyes, utilizing cruel cosmetics or mascara, or wearing eyelash expansions that are as well overwhelming for the characteristic lashes to back.


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FIVE MAJOR CAUSES OF eyelashes falling out

The scariest thing for most ladies is losing their hairs. When it comes to the eyelashes, it is even scarier. Ladies have grown to love beautiful eyelashes with mascaras and other eyelash products. The thought of them losing their eyelashes can be depressing.

also, The general name given to the loss of eyelashes is called Madarosis. Madarosis can occur across all age groups from teenagers to adults.  Luckily, patients suffering from this condition can get their lashes back through lash boosters.

It is important to understand the cause of the lash loss before you can treat it. Here are some major causes of lash loss described below.

Hormonal changes

Most people who suffer from eyelash loss usually due to the hormonal changes taking place in their bodies. Our body's metabolism slows down, due to aging. Aging slows down the growth of new eyelashes to replace fallen-out ones. rather We all have different body systems that react differently to aging. In some people, the hormonal changes are more pronounced and lead to loss of eyelashes at a younger age.


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Furthermore, People who are placed on medication are prone to suffer from eyelash loss. This is due to the reactions of the drugs they take leading to shedding of eyelashes. Oral anti-acne drugs such as isotretinoin, thyroid balancing drugs, anti-clotting medications, anti-cholesterol drugs, and blood pressure medications have all been known to cause lash loss.


It is normal to experience loss of eyelashes, eyebrows, and scalp during and after menopause. During menopause, the body produces less estrogen. This affects the growth of hairs on the body caused by the destruction of hair follicles during menopause. This results in thinner and reduced eyelashes.


Ladies who make use of heavy mascara are usually prone to eyelash loss. In fact, waterproof mascara is the most common problem that affects the growth of lashes. The eyelash suffers losses whenever you are trying to remove your mascara at night due to excessive tugging.

Nutrient deficiency

What we eat and how we eat all have effects on our overall health. Generally, a poor diet can make us lose essential nutrients that are required for the body to function properly. almost For eyelash growth, the body requires a lot of Vitamins such as C, E, H, and B6 to stimulate the growth of hair follicles in the roots of the eyelashes. If you are on a diet for a long time, you may also experience loss of lashes due to poor nutrient intake by your body.

hence People suffering from eyelash loss should see a doctor to confirm the cause of their lash loss. A doctor would be in a better position to recommend the best treatment for your lash loss. However, when all results of clinical, laboratory and consultative assessments are negative, then there is a high possibility that the person is pulling out her eyelashes herself. This itself is a medical condition and should be treated with the help of a doctor.

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Five things you shouldn’t do with your lash serum

Every beauty product comes with its own set of instructions that must be followed. A lot of ladies take these instructions for granted, and this has led to them experiencing several problems as a result of non-conformance.

but you are using the eyelash serum for the first time, there is every tendency for you to be easily carried away and make serious mistakes that can cause side effects.

In this article, we will list a few of the things you shouldn’t do when applying an eyelash growth serum.

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Don’t put eyelash serum on your lower lid

Most ladies are fond of applying makeup on their lower eyelashes. This practice should be stopped. While there are no serious effects of applying makeup on the lower eyelashes, there is a high risk of the serum getting into the eyes. This could lead to pigmentation and redness of the eyes. Applying lash enhancers on the lower eyelids is more like overkill. This is because serum applied to the upper lashes would always make contact with the lower lashes when you sleep at night.

Don’t rub your eyes after applying the serum it

Rubbing your hands on your eyes is more often a reflex action. We do it without even knowing. However, you need to be more cautious especially when serum is applied to your lashes. Every eyelash serum contains ingredients that may cause irritation when it gets into the eyes.


Washing of the hands is good hygiene. When applying eyelash serum, the first thing you should do is to wash your hands with soap and clean water. Doing this will help eliminate germs and bacteria from entering your eyes. You should also wash your hands immediately after applying the serum to your lashes. It is always a good idea to have a hand sanitizer in your bag, and you should use it from time to time to get your hands fresh and clean always.

Don’t share your lash serum bottle

Most ladies are fond of sharing their makeup with their friends. This is not a good habit and should be stopped. Sharing makeup can lead to the spread of bacteria that cause problems for the eyes. When your friends ask for your lash growth serum, you should politely decline and explain the dangers of sharing lash serums. They would understand.

Don’t rub excess serum on your lashes

This is the number rule of thumb when applying eyelash growth serum on your lashes. Never apply a lot of serum on your lashes. Some ladies think that applying excess serum can lead to a rapid increase in their lashes, but this is false. if The eyelash only requires just enough concentration of serum to stimulate the growth of the hair follicles. Applying excess serum is the major cause of side effects.

Now that you have learned a thing or two about using eyelash serums, you shouldn’t leave it here. Ensure you don’t make these mistakes again when applying the lash boosters to your lashes. To get started with an innovative eyelash serum that doesn’t cause side effects, plase please visit the woolash reviews.

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