what helps grow your eyelashes?

what helps your eyelashes grow?

The word exercise is all over the place. If you want to lose weight, you hear people and the Internet tell you 'exercise'! you want to build muscles and fill out nicely in certain parts of your body, the same advice is given. If you want to maintain good health and ensure that your heart doesn't give out suddenly, even your doctor will stamp the word exercise into his/her prescription for you.

What more? Even religious persons carry out a diet kind of workout by staying away from food for a certain period of time, so, is it too ridiculous to say exercise can have an impact on the hair growth cycle?

Although we can say that there is no direct implication of exercise in relation to hair growth, there is a significant role it plays in enhancing growth.

For example, when the body is put through stress-inducing activities such as overworking, worry, and emotional troubles due to personal or work-related issues, there is the tendency that the stress hormone, cortisone will be released. And so, when an outlet to release stress is not created, a physical loss is possible.

A physical loss, in this case, may include weight loss, pale looks, tiredness, or even hair/eyelash loss.

what helps grow your eyelashes


Apart from being an indication of stress, hair loss can be a demoralizing thing for any lady because so much importance is placed on the eyelashes as a symbol of beauty. Therefore, every possible care is usually taken to ensure that eyelashes are kept in perfect condition, or in the case of loss, restored to their formal glory.

This means that, if it is possible that working out on a treadmill, lifting weights, or maintaining certain strenuous and painful physical positions will strengthen, lengthen and increase eyelashes, then many women are ready to pay the price - as long as the result is worth it.


  1. General good health: Exercising is very important for good health and by extension healthy eyelashes. During workouts, toxins and harmful substances are passed out from the body through sweat, thereby cleansing the body system.
  2. Exercise Aids Blood Circulation: what do you think happens when your heart is thumping so hard and you're sweating profusely during a workout? Your heart is pumping blood to every part of your body and your eyelash follicles receive their own share of the blood, thereby speeding up the rate at which they work to produce longer and fuller lashes. So you see, you're not just bending, running, lifting, jumping, or twisting for fun.
  3. Healthier-looking eyelashes: a healthy person will glow from the head to the toes. A healthy person eats well, rests well, and exercises well! Not only will a great workout session leave you feeling great, but also it will leave you looking great. Your eyelashes are a part of your body and you are bound to enjoy the results of the exercise.

    Note: You can take your exercise sessions easy till you can handle more.

Three Exercises That Can Aid Lash Growth

1. Yoga:

yoga, which is also called meditative exercise and aims at controlling the body and mind, is a good exercise that will help balance hormones. Examples of simple yoga stances that can do this include breathing exercises, known as pranayam in Hindu, Forward Bend Pose, also called Uttanasana, Downward Facing Dog Pose, which in Hindu is known as Adho Mukha Svanasana, and the Diamond Pose (Vajrasana) which can be done after meals because it helps to digest food. After all, a good digestive system contributes to good health too.

how to improve eyelash growth

All these yoga poses except the Diamond Pose will ensure that blood circulation to the head is easier. As a result, the growth of hair and eyelashes are sped up.

2. From Moderate to High-Intensity Exercises:

Exercises as simple as cycling, jogging, running, dancing, or brisk walking is good for the health and the lashes. You can then progress to using treadmills or other high-intensity workouts like lifting bars or doing more difficult yoga poses.

Remember, start from the easiest till you can take on harder workouts. Also, you can have an accountability partner who will ensure you keep to your workout regimen so that in no time, you'll start seeing excellent changes in your body and the growth of your eyelashes.

3. Massaging Eyelash Growth Serum/ Oil into the Lash Line:

you may say this doesn't sound like an exercise but it is. An exercise is a routine you do frequently enough in order to get improvements in your body. Just like you massage hail oil into your scalp for maintenance and growth, similarly, when you apply a good conditioning oil or lash serum on your lash line, and massage eyelids along, you're also maintaining and improving the condition of your eyelashes.

how to strengthen eyelashes

An excellent choice for a lash booster is the best eyelash growth serum which is enriched with advanced active, safe yet effective ingredients which will ensure the growth of lengthened and thickened eyelashes. It is affordable,  friendly to sensitive skin, lacks fragrance or paraben, and can be easily ordered at the link below.

eyelash growth serum is like the crowning of your exercises because it provides direct nourishment to the lash follicles which increases growth speed. Give it a try and you'll be glad you did.

Note that although this serum is effective, with a great healthy lifestyle it will yield excellent results. Please visit the Woolash reviews.

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