6 EXPERT TIPS ON natural ways to make eyelashes grow

6 EXPERT TIPS ON natural ways to make eyelashes grow

The cravings for longer eyelashes wouldn’t stop anytime soon. Ladies are simply in love with long and thick eyelashes.

Growing longer and thicker eyelashes can produce an amazing result on your look. Most women are moving from using mascaras and falsies to another natural way of increasing their eyelashes. One of the best ways of growing natural eyelashes is by using eyelash serums.
However, if you aren’t ready for serums there are tons of tips out there that can help you natural ways to make eyelashes grow.


Pick the right enhancer

There are many serums out there that promise to increase your lashes after a couple of weeks. Most of these eyelash enhancers only moisturize the eyelash and don’t cause any appreciable increase in the eyelash. Ensure you check out reviews from customers who have bought and used the lash serum before you buy it.

Eat healthy foods that support hair growth

Your eyelash like any other parts of your body requires nutrients to grow healthily. You can help boost your eyelashes by eating healthy foods. These can be supported by taking food supplements to boost your health and wellness. Here are some suggestions for a healthy body;

Foods rich in Niacin:

Liver, peanuts, grass-fed beef, tuna, green peas, mushrooms, and sunflower seeds.

Foods rich in Vitamin C:

Pineapples, tomatoes, kale, berries, grapefruit, and Brussels sprouts.

Foods rich in Vitamin D:

Kale, sunflower seeds, hazelnuts, blueberries, spinach, peanut butter, avocados.

Foods rich in Vitamin H:

Bananas, walnuts, beans, mushrooms, eggs, nut butter, and black-eyed peas.

Foods rich in Calcium:

Dairy products, okra, collard greens, peas, salmon, and tofu.

Tips on Growing Longer Natural Eyelashes

Massage the eyelids

Massaging helps to improve blood flow to the hair follicle. When blood flows to the hair follicles it carries essential nutrients that helps the lashes grow healthily. Wash your hands thoroughly before massaging the eye. You can use cotton oil to gently massage the eyelids. Do this for 5 minutes every day to see great results.

Comb eyelashes

A good way to start is by combing your eyelashes. This is just the same as combing your hair. Doing this will make your eyelash appear longer. Use an eyelash comb to brush your eyelash to remove any clumps and make them look well-groomed.


Be gentle with eyelash curlers

While eyelash curlers can help to shape your eyelashes into beautiful curves, you shouldn’t form the habit of holding too tight on your eyelash. Excessive pressure on your eyelash can damage the roots and make you start shedding your precious eyelashes.

Growing Longer Natural Eyelashes

Woolash eyelash growth serum

Do note that these tips are not backed by science, however a lot of alternative health practitioners and fans of DIY beauty claim to record amazing success with it. There is no harm in trying one of these methods, as they produce no side effects. The good things are the treatment is natural. If you have tried one of these tips but still want to use eyelash serum for more pronounced eyelash growth, click for more information. To learn much about Woolash reviews, please click.

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