Why should we use eyelash serum?

While some women have incredibly long eyelashes, others, unfortunately, aren’t blessed with “silver lashes.” Most women’s cosmetic boxes are lying various like mascaras, eyelash liners, and more – products to enhance the lashes. To the relief of those whose nature isn’t so lucky, there is a new lash product called eyelash serum, which was accidentally discovered in 2008. It is designed to lengthen, strengthen, condition, thicken, moisturize, and improve the overall health of the eyelashes. Although we have different brands that are duds, however, there are well-formulated ones that deliver on their promises, giving you the incredible lash result that you want. We will still get to this shortly.

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Are eyelash serums safe to use?

Eyelash serums can be safe to utilize, but it's important to utilize them as coordinated and to choose a high-quality product from a legitimate brand. Most eyelash serums contain a mix of fixings that point to advanced eyelash growth and thickness. The dynamic fixings can shift, but a few common ones include biotin, peptides, and prostaglandin analogs.

Do eyelash serums really work?

Your lashes require some vitamins and minerals before they grow longer and fuller. Most top eyelash serums contain Vitamin H, and B Vitamins, and minerals from plant extracts like Grape Stem Cells, Red Clover Extract, Green Tea Extract, and powerful polypeptides like myristoyl pentapeptide – 17 and myristoyl hexapeptide – 16.

There are also other minerals and vitamins used in serum for eyelash formulation. That depends on the manufacturer’s preference. The above-mentioned vitamins and minerals have been found in various research to enhance sparse, thin lashes. So, you might want to stick to ingredients with some scientific backing instead of some “guess” ingredients. Another critical thing to note is that these ingredients are hypoallergenic, which means they are friendly on all skin.

Using a lash serum with these ingredients will give you results within 2 to 8 weeks. Plus, you can use these lash serums to enhance your brows too.

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Can Eyelash serums be used by both men and women?

Eyelash serums have become popular among different people – men and women – because they work. If these products don’t work, you’re sure that there won’t be anyone raving about them. And celebrities and beauty experts won’t be endorsing them.

In addition, when compared to the price of semi-permanent and permanent lash procedures, you find lash serums to be pocket-friendly. You may need to spend at least $500 a month on an excellent semi-permanent lash extension, and you need almost $10000 for a permanent procedure – not to mention the pain, the risk, and the time you have to sacrifice to have them.

With less than $200, you can invest in the best eyelash serum that will last you for at least four months. And the result you get from using a lash serum regularly will match that of a semi-permanent eyelash extension that isn’t removal-proof.

If you are battling sparse, thin lashes, a potent eyelash serum is what you should opt for, and not some mascaras or other options.

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Choose Your Eyelash Serum Wisely

As we pointed out earlier, there are thousands of lash serums on the market. If you don’t select wisely, you may end up with a dud, or worst still a serum that further wrecks your lashes.


Choose a serum with natural ingredients and there are many reviews. If possible, you may want to check with your doctor to make sure you're making the right choice. To have longer and fuller eyelashes within a month or two, you can now choose Woolash brand eyelash serum as you can read Woolash reviews and then buy it with confidence.