WooLash Reviews

We put this revolutionary lash serum to the test. Here’s what we found!


Have you heard of WooLash yet? If not, I’m here to keep you informed about this eyelash enhancer that boasts the best eyelash growth serum. I’ve been in the beauty industry for 22 years and have yet to see anything like this! Do you have lashes that lack lusciousness and volume? Then you need an eyelash growth serum that works to grow longer lashes. My comprehensive review based on my own experiences and experiences from other beauty experts I consulted will help you decide if WooLash is right for you!

Is It Effective?

In short, yes! But first, we have so much more information for you about WooLash. It uses revolutionary lash boosting ingredients that work at the lash follicle to help stimulate growth of your lashes, growing them longer, thicker, and stronger. It nourishes the lash base to help new lashes grow in better. It does not work instantly though, as you should be aware that no lash serum can possibly do such a thing. You will need to use it daily to see the effective results that truly grow eyelashes.

We used it faithfully, every day for one month in our test and we are thrilled with the results!

WooLash Pros

There are many things to love about WooLash. It didn’t bother me when I applied it, which was a relief because I’ve used other brands that have irritated me. I used it as directed for one month, coating my lashes and lash base with it to get the most effective lash growth results. This lash enhancer grew my lashes, which had started looking sparse after years of abuse at the hands of my waterproof mascara. It’s partly my fault that I rubbed and scrubbed so hard when removing my makeup too that it resulted in my lackluster lashes.


After about 2 weeks of using WooLash, I found that my lashes showed signs of improvement without any signs of irritation. There were more of them, and they looked thicker, felt softer, and appeared longer. After a full month, I no longer needed to apply my fake eyelashes when I went out. I didn’t even need to use my mascara anymore! When I asked the other editors about their experiences, they listed the same things. WooLash is indeed an amazing and effective lash booster.

Brittan Taylor – actress

WooLash Cons

My only complaint about WooLash isn’t really a complaint. It’s something that no other lash booster can do and that’s grow your lashes overnight. I wish it could but nothing does. This by far though works the fastest I’ve seen. I’ve tried other brands of lash growth products and I was completely impressed by WooLash. The others? No so much. I did read though that for some women it might take longer than a month to see results. This was not a problem for me. It worked like a charm after one month of use. Some women said it slightly tingled when applied but I noticed nothing of the sort. No one complained about allergic reactions or actual irritation to the eyes. I guess I do have one con to point out – WooLash is only available online so you can’t just run out and get it. You have to wait for it to arrive via delivery.


WooLash Facts

WooLash is an eyelash conditioner that really works because it boosts lashes with scientifically-proven ingredients found in nature. The reason why so many beauty editors are marveling over it is because this top-rated eyelash growth serum has been shown to be effective in every clinical trial. The ingredients used are known agents to promote growth in lashes. WooLash doesn’t just use one proven ingredient in its formulation…it uses many of them which is why it works so well.


One of the ingredients that WooLash uses is an innovative peptide. It’s called Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17. What it does is nourish the follicles and skin at the base surrounding each lash to condition existing lashes and help new ones grow in longer, thicker, and more voluminous. In recent science expos, Grape Stem Cells were highlighted as among the best for improving lash growth. These specific stem cells have been applauded for their effectiveness in lash growth serum. They come from the skin of grapes and are rich with antioxidants. What the antioxidants do is prevent free radicals from decimating your skin and hair cells so it restores the area and allows new lash growth that comes in thick, strong, and long.


WooLash also contains other non-irritating ingredients that have been shown in clinical testing to help round out this fantastic eyelash enhancer formula. Notably, Provitamin B5 helps add more lash lengthening volume while conditioning the lashes, both existing ones as well as new lashes growing in. Because of these key ingredients, WooLash is the best lash growth serum. It uses only ingredients that have been shown to work without adding anything that doesn’t.


WooLash Customer Services

I mentioned one of the minor cons with WooLash is that it is only available online, but here’s where that is actually a pro in my book! WooLash offers outstanding customer services. To write this article, I emailed them and asked for more details about what I’d found on their site. They responded promptly and were friendly, informative and helpful. I asked how to use it most effectively and inquired about returns should I not be satisfied. While I am thrilled with the results of this incredible lash serum, it was comforting to know that if I wasn’t, they had a risk-free return policy up to 60 days after purchase. Often when you buy anything online there’s a risk because you’re just not sure who you’re dealing with. The customer service reps at WooLash eyelash serum completely put my mind at ease and did a fantastic job.



When to Apply WooLash?

According to the instructions, you should apply WooLash after cleansing your face, both at night before bed, which is most effective, and in the morning too. Since it is an irritation-free formula, it will not interfere with your day.


WooLash Serum Reviews

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Did you ever use an eyelash growth serum before? Have you tried WooLash? We’d love to know your thoughts on lash growth products, especially if you’re tried WooLash before!

Amazing results

Amazing results within days! Iíve never seen anything like the result in my years of using different serums. I highly recommend this product.

Angela Shaw
Verified Purchase

Good product

Quick delivery. Product was as described.

Victoria Stephens
Verified Purchase


Very good product. I advise using applying this product twice daily to see result

Madison Brown
Verified Purchase


I like the WooLash serum. It’s good.

Kylie Shaw
Verified Purchase

Amazing Product

Omg! This serum is so amazing!! I can’t believe I could achieve this lash length.

Camila Porter
Verified Purchase

Using on my eyelashes and eyebrows and it’s really working

Its amazing. I am on week 2 and can start to see results . I am definitely getting another bottle after this.

Holly Gray
Verified Purchase

Perfect Product!

Lifting and volume for your lashes within 8 days. Perfect product.

Layla Harrison
Verified Purchase

My eyebrows ROCK!

Applied this product twice a day on my eyebrows. I love the way it makes them lusher.

Ashley Kelly
Verified Purchase

This works!

This really works. Lashes become thicker in just two weeks.

Holly Barker
Verified Purchase

Great Product

Before trying Woolash, I had used other more expensive brands with no result. Then I came across Woolash and saw tons of great reviews about it. And said, why not? The price was reasonable and after 2 months I look like I wear falsies. I love this serum and won’t stop using it.

Sarah. T
Verified Purchase

This Is The Best Eyelash Serum On The Market

This eyelash serum is fabulous. I’ve used latisse and babe lash in the past that are suppose to do what it does, but Woolash is simply the best. Others also irritate and makes my eyes hurt, but this is so friendly even when little got into my eyes. I highly recommend this

Patricia. R
Verified Purchase

Magical Serum!

I gambled getting this serum as opposed other expensive brands. I’m totally satisfied with the result it gives. My lashes are much fuller, thicker, and longer within the space of 3 weeks. Thanks so much!

Katie. H
Verified Purchase

Great Result Even With Inconsistent Use

My gf is very pleased with the result this serum gives. Even though she doesn’t use it often – maybe once or at most twice a week – she still notice the result. I got this serum for her as part of her birthday gift this September and she ask me to get more for her. Will definitely be back for more.

James. M
Verified Purchase

Most Definitely Works

I never write reviews but I have to shout this incredible product to the ears of the whole world. I bought this serum on October 3rd. Today is November 1st (less than 1 month) and my sparse, ugly looking lashes are now fuller and curlier. Wow! This is a most have for every woman in the world

Jennie. P
Verified Purchase

Love Woolash

I started using this product about 3 weeks ago and I’ve noticed a huge difference in my lashes. Before buying, I used a lot of DIYs like olive oil and aloe vera gel, and castor oil, but I didn’t see much difference. This serum is the best you can use. It cost less and it doesn’t irritate the eyes.

Loretta. H
Verified Purchase

Awesome Stuff!

It took about 8 weeks, but it definitely enhanced my lashes. My eyelashes are fuller and loner, earning me a lot of positive comments from people. Now that I have my dream lashes, I have stopped using it, and they still look fuller and longer without breaking off. I highly recommend this product

Helen. B
Verified Purchase

Impressive Product

This serum really works! I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and it’s really helping my lashes look beautiful. My bald area are growing new lashes and the thin ones are thickening up and growing longer. Plus, I use it on my brows and it helps condition them.

Courtney. J
Verified Purchase

Three Star

I’ve been using it for some days now and don’t really know if it’s working for me. I bought this product because it has some fantastic ingredients and the amazing reviews I saw online. I’ll keep using this product and see what happens in the next few weeks

Lauren. H
Verified Purchase

Not Sure If It Works

I’ve been using it for a week now. Not sure if it works or not. But so far no irritation and it is so easy to apply. I’ll keep using this serum for more weeks and see what happens.

Kim. K
Verified Purchase

Two Star

I can’t really say much about this product as I’ve only started using it 3 days ago. What I like, however, is the big container and the beautiful brush applicator that looks like that of my mascara.

Diana. J
Verified Purchase

Slow Delivery

It took over 20 days to receive my product here in Norway. You should improve on your delivery time please.

Megan. H
Verified Purchase

Honest Review

I’ve only used this serum for 2 weeks – twice daily – and my eyelashes are already looking thicker. This product really works and it’s worth every single cent I paid. It is also easy to apply and doesn’t sting unlike the other brands I used in the past.

Laurie. N
Verified Purchase

Thicker, Longer Lashes

I’ve been using this serum consistently for the past 1 month. I wanted to post my review after exhausting my first bottle but I can’t wait to let other know what this product has done for me. I lost my fuller lashes to chemotherapy 2 years ago. Ever since I’ve tried growing longer lashes with no result. I spent a lot of money on other brands. Applied castor oil. Avoided using soap around my lashes. And other recommendations that didn’t work. Then a friend introduced me to this amazing serum. And men, this is the real deal. My lashes have been growing longer and thicker ever since I started using it without looking back. I highly recommend this product.

Danielle. G
Verified Purchase

I’m Very Pleased

Lost my natural lashes to lash extensions. After 2 weeks of using this serum I could see my natural lashes growing thicker and fuller, much to my amazement because it took so fast to see result. And I have sensitive eyes but it didn’t burn my eyes. I highly recommend this product

Kara. G
Verified Purchase

Highly Recommend

I’m very satisfied with the serum so far. I’ve used it for a few weeks now and I feel like I’m seeing a difference already. I must say you must apply it regularly to achieve the fuller, longer lashes that I have now.

Sarah. N
Verified Purchase

Very Satisfied

Using this product for three week. First thing I noticed was my sparse lashes started to fill in all the way across. Then few days after they started thickening and growing longer. Although I still want more curls and thickness. Hopefully it will happen in the next few days. I can’t wait!

Lisa. P
Verified Purchase

Miracle Product

Amazing serum. I was losing my beautiful lashes to only God knows. They started breaking off with the slightest contact. Then I got this serum. I was amazed how fast it started working. I saw my lashes growing back within 7 days. This is a must have

Verified Purchase

Super Lashes!!!

I doubted if this would work for me. But it does work. I have been using if for 6 weeks and I my bare lash spot are filling in. Lashes are not thick yet, but they are longer. I’ll continue to use this product and hopefully it will make my lashes thicker

Teresa. S
Verified Purchase

Fantastic Product

After using this product on my plunking lashes for 3 weeks, I’m happy to announce that the plunking has stopped and I can see some incredible improvement in my lash thickness and growth. I’m so pleased I invested in this product

Joy. K
Verified Purchase


Incredible product! Most of my friends have dumped latisse and other expensive brands for this when they saw how my lashes turned out to become. Although it took almost a month to see result, I’m more than pleased at the end. Please rush me my second bottle asap.

Amy. C
Verified Purchase

Not Irritating

I just started using this serum, so nothing to report on its effectiveness. However, unlike other serums I’ve tried, this one doesn’t irritate my eyes at all. And it is so simple to use

Judith. S
Verified Purchase

Loving Every Bit of It

I’ve been using this product every night for the past 4 weeks and I can already see a big difference in my eyelashes. They are much thicker and longer, and the bottom lashes where I have the most problem are filling in. Thank you so much for making this fantastic serum.

Diana. D
Verified Purchase

Five Star

I was looking for a cheaper alternative to Latisse and I found the ideal replacement for it in Woolash. Although it took a couple of weeks to start working, I was blown away with the significant length and thickness it gave. It also made my lashes curlier. No more expensive serum!

Annie. J
Verified Purchase

This Skyrocketed My Lashes in 1 month

This serum doubled my lashes length in less than a month. It also improved lashes thickness too, making them look fuller than they really are. I highly recommend this product to every woman.

Cindy. T
Verified Purchase

It Worked For Me

I’ve been using this product for a few weeks now and I can say it is very effective. I noticed my lashes were almost touching my glass frames. I can’t wait to see some improvement in my lash thickness too. I’ll keep using this product till eternity 

Emily. H
Verified Purchase

Why the delay?

It took almost a week after order before I received my serum. I was hoping to get it as soon as my sister got hers. My sister got hers 24hrs after order.
You really should work on rapid delivery.

Catyln. O
Verified Purchase

Waiting it out…

I really want this serum to work for me. I got tired of using falsies and a friend introduced me to this serum that has been doing wonders for her, but it’s looking like this might not be it for me :(. I’ve seen only little result. I’ll continue to use, hoping it will work for me.

Ayeesha. O
Verified Purchase

It Only Conditions My Lashes

After 10 days of consistent use, I thought I would start noticing groundbreaking changes but I’ve continued to use it. But I’m not too encouraged yet. It only conditions my lashes and nothing more. No irritations too.
I’m going to keep my fingers crossed though.

Carly. B
Verified Purchase

The Real Deal

I used to think my sister-in-law was lying when she told me her long and full lashes were real but not until I tried Woolash and saw distinct results did I believe. I gave 4stars because I want more thickness and curl

Eugenia. K
Verified Purchase

Unbelievably working wonders

It’s been just a few days since I started applying my woolash serum religiously, but already my short spikes of eyelashes are becoming longer! Also, I see hair growing on part where i had been bald before. Thanks woolash!

Trina. N
Verified Purchase

Definitely getting more!

I have been using Woolash for a few months now and I’m yet to regret it. I had lost hope after my eyelashes were singed in a fire accident. But woolash has helped my slow but positive recovery of my eye lashes and even brows! I have bought for my sister too and she is enjoying her lengthier lashes

Nicole. J
Verified Purchase

Worth the switch!

I didn’t just give Woolash five stars because I wanted to but because it deserves it. I had used home remedies that produced a few changes but, then I decided it was time to explore. And woolash came to my rescue. No more looking back. I’m super excited!

Verified Purchase

Great product, awesome applicator

In the past, I’ve had issues with the applicator of serums I bought because I can be clumsy. Also, I was less than satisfied with those products but woolash has an amazing easy to use applicator. This is like a problem solved. Also I didn’t feel any discomfort using this product.

Graciela. H.
Verified Purchase

Makes mascara jealous!

This has to be the best serum ever! I began to see a positive outcome in days. After a few more weeks, even my mascara brush seem too small to brush through the thickness of my lashes. All thanks to Woolash

Diana. R
Verified Purchase

No more falsies

False lashes used to do it for me until I started losing my hair after putting so much pressure on my eyelid during plucking. However, Woolash made me say goodbye to my stash of lash extensions. Now I can proudly flaunt my full, thick, and long lashes.

Rena. K
Verified Purchase

So skin friendly

If I could give Woolash a 6 stars rating, I would. After my disappointment with Grandelash, because of the redness it gave my lids, I swore off lash serums. My husband bought Woolash for me after the testimonies of his colleague at work. I must confess, it is one of the best gifts ever. No itchiness. No redness!

Elena. T
Verified Purchase

wow wow wow

I’ve never experienced rapid results as I’ve done with Woolash serum. Just 10days and my lashes are growing by leaps and bounds.
I can only imagine the wonders it will do in weeks to come.

Sasha. G
Verified Purchase

Master of them all

Let’s take a bow for the queen of all lash serums. This eyelash serum doubles as a brow serum too! So considerate to my sensitive skin, affordable and easy to use! I got double results for little money spent.

Joyce. J
Verified Purchase

Perfect for Me

perfect for me
Among my sisters, I was the one with the scantiest eyelashes but this changed the moment I started using Woolash. Now, even my sisters thing I use extensions. Hahaha. I told them the lashes are all mine but they don’t believe me.

Yang. X
Verified Purchase

Consistency rewarded

I initially complained about the slow results I got after the first few weeks of using Woolash but seven weeks later, I can say I’m satisfied with my lush and long lashes. I will gladly recommend to others having trouble with other products.

Dina. O
Verified Purchase

Great Stuff!

I used to buy really expensive serums that ended up cutting short my expectations. However, I decided to go for something lesser, only to discover that less can be more sometimes. This is a great serum every lady should buy.

Verified Purchase

Amazing Serum

If you’re looking for a lash serum that gives steady but effective results, you just found it. Woolash is very effective and non-irritant. It comes with an incredible applicator that protects you from mistakenly spilling into your eyes. I can’t do without this gem

Verified Purchase

Restored my confidence

I lost most of my hair after chemo. After scouting the market for so long on what lash serum my doctor would approve of, I discovered Woolash. Not only did it not irritate me, but I also noticed tremendous growth in my lashes! And I gained some level of confidence back.

Kayla. S
Verified Purchase

you need to get this…

I have always been a fan of organic based products and was at first skeptical about buying Woolash based on bad reviews I’ve read about other serums. However, the positive reviews for Woolash superseded the negative ones. So I gave it a try and my trial paid off!

Alicia. P
Verified Purchase

Surprise! No irritation

You can call me the mother of sensitivity. I’m highly allergic to even the most common things. I love to look good and that extends to my lashes. After going through some painful trials, I hit the jackpot with Woolash. No irritation, and I’ve the best eyelashes ever!

Verified Purchase

Nothing Else Beats This!

I’ve tried Latisse, and Rapidlash and the skin irritation I experienced was a little severe but as a model I couldn’t give up on finding the perfect lash serum for me. Woolash did it for me. No irritation whatsoever. I’m sticking with it.

Renee. H
Verified Purchase

The taste is in the pudding, not the price!

You would think the more expensive, the better the result but that has not been the case with most lash serums i have applied in the past. Woolash further proved this statement wrong. I think It’s safe to say it was specifically made for folks with sensitive skins.

Verified Purchase

Love at first stroke

I love beautifully packaged products and I must confess that that was what drew me to Woolash. It was my first eyelash serum trial but it appears it might be the only for me. I hope the manufacturers will continue to produce this excellent product. And the applicator? Makes it simple to fall in love with the serum.

Verified Purchase

Not trading this for anything!

I would give out all my lash extensions but I won’t trade this serum for all the best falsies in the world. Although I used extension on special occasions, I would have rather not used it at all. The moment I discovered Woolash, I ditched my lash extensions, regardless of how much they cost me.

Yvette Brown
Verified Purchase

Affordable, effective

Only a few lash serums will be this affordable, yet effective. This safe and nourishing lash enhancer is my best option so far. I have had no cause to regret buying it. Also, I get my order quicker than any other serum I’ve ever bought.

Verified Purchase

Best choice!

There are so many lash serums that will promise you the best results but will eventually fail to do so. I have given a few of those other serums a trial and I was sorely let down. My discovery and purchase of Woolash has been one of my best choices ever. Fuller and longer lashes was my gain at the end of the day.

Verified Purchase

Makes me feel great

Every lady wants to look and feel beautiful but when there is an imperfection on somewhere as obvious and pronounced as her face, she loses confidence a little. I used to have long lashes but as I grew older, I began to lose some of my lashes and the ones I had left were not as long as they used to be. Woolash has enhanced the length of my lashes and restored the ones I lost. My lashes now look better than they ever did.

Verified Purchase

Well and Truly Surprised

When I started using Woolash, I did so with little expectations. I get easily disappointed so I usually give myself less expectation in any outcome. However, I got truly surprised when I saw better results than I had hoped for. Now I recommend Woolash to anyone willing to hear about my eyelash growth journey

Serena. T
Verified Purchase

Tested, trusted, approved

This is no doubt the best lash enhancer in the market. However, being named one of the bestsellers wasn’t the only reason I bought it. I went through online reviews and also asked acquaintances and friends who have used it before. It was after my research that I made my first order. Call me picky but my selective nature worked for me. I’m glad I went to all that trouble for the best product.

Verified Purchase

Yipee! Finally, something that works

I’m like a dog with a bone when it comes to woolash. Why? This is because it felt like I won the lottery with this particular lash serum. I am one out of many ladies who have had at least one unpleasant experience with lash serums in the past. So, for Woolash to meet my eyelash need, I’m not letting it go

Verified Purchase

Only Helps With Lash Length

This didn’t work for me. I wanted fuller, thicker lashes but it is only helping with the length.

Only Helps With Lash Length
Verified Purchase

Late Delivery

The first bottle came rather quickly. My second bottle took forever to arrive. I’m not a patient somebody. Please always attend to my shipment on time.

Verified Purchase

I Like This Product

I really notice some difference when using this product. But it took over 1 months before I started seeing the result of what I paid for. I must warn you that you need to be consistent with product application if you will see results

Verified Purchase

Saw Some Improvement

My eyelashes grew a little bit but not to my expectation. To be fair I’ve only had it for less than 2 weeks. I guess I’ll have to use it for a few more weeks

Verified Purchase

Works Great

I bought this serum to fix my thin, sparse lashes due to lash extension. Using it for 2 weeks, my bare spot started filling in and my stubby lower lash was coming alive. Now I can use my mascara to compliment the whole look

Chrissy. T
Verified Purchase

Highly Recommend

I’ve been using this product for over 3 weeks now and my eyelashes are fuller and longer. I also use it on my brows, making them fuller as well. I highly recommend this product, and will be ordering more.

Verified Purchase

Salvation for Damaged Lashes

I had a terrible experience when I went to fix my lashes at the salon. It left my lashe sin a bad shape that I felt there was nothing I could do about it. Giving woolash a shot, I was amazed at the speed at which it thickens and repairs my lashes

Verified Purchase

No Irritation or Burn

I’ve been using this product for over 2 weeks, but I’m pleased with the result so far. It doesn’t irritate or burn my eyes unlike other brands I tried in the past. I also appreciate the great app;icator that comes with the serum

Caddy. S
Verified Purchase

Four Star

I have been using this serum for about 2 months on my eyebrows and lashes. It’s amazing! I gives my lashes and brows the lift they need to compliment my look. I’ve found my best serum and I’m not trying any other one again

Debra. N
Verified Purchase


Being using this serum for over 5 weeks now with little difference. Although I’m not consistent with the application, I still feel it should have improved my lash length at least. Will continue using it and see if it helps

Linda. S
Verified Purchase

Product Arrived Late

I think this serum made a little difference when I started applying it. However, the delivery arrived here in Spain very late.

Felicia. B
Verified Purchase

Use It Twice Daily

I was using this serum before bedtime. It saw some improvement after 3 weeks. Then I started using it twice daily. And boom! My lashes thicken and fuller in less than 2 weeks. I advise you use it twice daily for the best result

Barbara. S
Verified Purchase


5 star
I asked a coworker what she was using on her eyelashes and she told me about woolash. I have been applying this product for about 4 weeks now and can see a big difference. I will definitely order more bottles, and an extra for my good coworker

Jessica. V
Verified Purchase


I received my order last week and I’ve been using it every night before bedtime. What I notice is that the serum doesn’t irritate my lids and eyes. I can’t wait to see my lashes growing longer and thicker

Rose. B
Verified Purchase

2 Weeks And I’m Impressed

I’ve only used this serum for 2 weeks and I’ve already seen some improvements to my lashes. I’m seeing new growth and they are getting thicker. My lashes have been very sparse for a long while. I am hoping this product will continue to improve my lashes for life!

Shannon. L
Verified Purchase

Amazing Product

This product does improve my lash thickness and length within 30 days. It also strengthens my lashes. Another thing I like about the serum is that it is easy to apply and sips in quickly. I highly recommend it

Amanda. H
Verified Purchase

Wow Lashes!

This should be called a wow lash and not woolash. Having short, sparse lashes for over 5 years, thanks to my craze for extensions, I was introduced to this Wow product. I was amazed with the result after just 3 weeks of using it. I’m sold for life

Favor. K
Verified Purchase

Incredible Result But Give It Time

Purchasing this product was one of the most decision I made this year. After going back and forth, researching on different blogs, and decided to gamble on this. Using it for 1 month. Result was slow when I started. But suddenly, just like a magic, it started working well. My lashes started growing longer and fuller. It doesn’t irritate my very sensitive eyes, which came as a surprise to me.

Crystal. H
Verified Purchase

The Result Is Fantastic!

I am so in love with this product. In just 5 weeks my lashes are looking thicker and well conditioned. I will definitely be ordering again. It doesn’t make me feel uncomfortable and didn’t burn my eyes even when little slip into my left eyes

Wendy. S
Verified Purchase

Slowly But Surely

Was surprised that this cheaper alternative to R&F works far better than it. I used the product every other day for 2 weeks. Then I started getting serious when my lower lashes started growing. Now I have beautiful, lusher, and thicker lashes

Brenda. F
Verified Purchase

Use It Daily, It Does Work

You have to actually use this serum daily for at least 1 or 2 months. If you’re not seeing the result you want, switch to using it twice daily. That was what I did, and it does really made my lashes longer eventually

Judith. R
Verified Purchase

Honest Review!

I used this product for 2 months and I can say it’s a great product. It is easy on the eyes and doesn’t leave a bloodshot eyes. I’m surely order for more bottle. And I recommend this product to longer lashes dreamers.

Lori. W
Verified Purchase

My Mom Recommended This!

Kudos to my mom for singing the praises of this fantastic lash grower. I’ve been using if for 2 weeks, twice daily, and I notice my lashes getting longer and thicker. However, I still want to add more length. Hopefully this serum will help me out

Mel. S
Verified Purchase

Maybe The Cheaper The Better

I used the expensive brand (Revitalash) for 6 months with no result. The I switched over to Woolash because of the price and the reviews. I do not feel irritation and my lashes have improved already. I’m quite hopeful that there is more to come for this product

Paula. J
Verified Purchase

This Serum Works Well

This serum works well. I lost a lot of lashes to careless handling and plunking and now they are growing back. My lashes are much thicker and longer now. I use it twice daily for 5 weeks and I’m so loving the result I’m getting from this.

Christina. S
Verified Purchase
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