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Woolash – The Ultimate 100% Natural Eyelash Serum

Getting a lash product that helps improve the length, thickness, and condition of your natural lashes with 4 to 8 weeks can be tasking. Even more difficult to get is an eyelash product that gives you longer, thicker, and fuller lashes and is 100% natural, with no irritants and dangerous ingredients.

For those tired of loading their eyes with dangerous chemicals or have sensitive eyes, you’ll agree with me that the quest is a tedious process. In fact, most of us have to engage in a lot of try and error, which often waste our time and money. Some of these lash products promise heaven and earth, and we believe them. Only to end up with soreness, red eyes, soreness, irritation, and others. It’s always the same old story every time.

But recently, the quest for an effective and 100% naturally formulated lash serum ended with the introduction of woolash. Woolash is the definition of quality – a revolution that was formulated specially for your lash growth. So what is woolash and why should you invest your hard-earned money on it?

How To Apply Woolash Serum

You can apply woolash serum in two ways:

First, you can use the applicator brush, dipping it into the lash serum and applying it from the root to your lashes root – as though you’re using your eyeliner or mascara.

Second, you can take a few drops of woolash serum and rub it between the tips of your fingers. The use your fingers to rub the base to the tip of your lashes.

You can apply this serum for eyelashes only on your lower and upper eyelashes.

Benefits of Using Woolash Serum

Not only is woolash formulated with 100% natural ingredients, but it actually works, producing longer, thicker, and fuller lashes in a few weeks. Plus it helps condition and curls your lashes without leaving irritations. You can as well use it to improve the look of your eyebrows too.

Additionally, woolash serum is budget-friendly, and the 7ml jar is big enough to last you for over 5 months or more. It is bigger than Latisse, Revitalash, and other lash serum brands, but delivers better results.

Demerits of Woolash Serum

Unlike other lash serums, you can’t buy woolash at any local store. It is available only on their website www.woolash.com.

In conclusion

No serum comes close to the results woolash gives. You’ll be surprised at how effective the lash product is.


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WooLash Reviews