WooLash Review

How to Grow Eyelashes with the Best Eyelash Serum


Want longer, stronger gorgeous lashes? We all do! But many factors can contribute to losing your lashes. From aging to wear and tear with stubborn mascara, or medical conditions like hyperthyroidism, eyelash loss affects countless women who yearn for the lush lashes they once had in their youth.


It’s not pure vanity though. Eyelash loss can affect your health because the purpose of eyelashes is to keep debris, dust, sweat, and other foreign bits out of your eyes. Without eyelashes, they are more prone to irritation. More and more women are looking for ways to encourage lash growth. With so many eyelash growth products on the market that make false promises though, it can be disappointing.

Fortunately, there is an eyelash conditioner that really works. This lash booster is so effective that many are calling it the best eyelash enhancer available today. It’s called WooLash. What makes WooLash the top rated eyelash growth serum? The reason it is the most effective lash grower is due to the unique combination of the key ingredients.


WooLash Active Ingredients

WooLash proves it’s the best eyelash growth serum to grow lashes with its innovative peptide, specifically formulated to grow eyelashes. Known as Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17, it nourishes skin at the base of the lash, working to moisturize and condition each strand to prevent breakage and reveal longer, plumper lashes.

Grape Stem Cells are another important ingredient that ensures lash growth. These plant stem cells come from the skin of grapes and power the delicate lash line with antioxidants to stimulate growth and grow longer lashes. Glycerin, a humectant, infuses the lash area with deep hydration, locking it in deep to serve as a powerful lash booster. Along with Provitamin B5, this lash lengthening serum is a game-changer in the skincare industry, giving women noticeable results with restored eyelash growth.


WooLash Pros and Cons

If you’re looking for eyelash growth products, look no further than the most effective eyelash growth serum. WooLash pros are plentiful but there are a few WooLash cons to discuss too.

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WooLash Advantages

The advantages of using WooLash are that you’ll have nourished skin around the lash line, which is essential for healthy lash growth. It also moisturizes and conditions your lashes to keep them strong and prevent breakage. As an eyelash thickening serum, WooLash helps you grow longer lashes that are stronger and more plentiful. It’s the best eyelash enhancing serum there is for weak, sparse, or short lashes, and for replenishing dry skin around the lash area.

WooLash Disadvantages

There are also some disadvantages of using WooLash. For those with sensitive eyes, it may cause irritation. Also, you should check the ingredients carefully for anything that might cause a reaction on your skin. Those with sensitive skin should try testing it on a swatch of skin on their arm first to make sure the natural ingredients don’t irritate them before going ahead and using it. Other reports have stated that those with alopecia must use the product for longer before seeing results. While it can be helpful for those with alopecia, patience is required. Additionally, WooLash is only available online. You won’t find it in any store.

WooLash Reviews

WooLash serum reviews

WooLash is the best eyelash serum you’ll find. Thanks to the effective blend of peptides, stem cells, and conditioners to moisturize and nourish your lashes, it will help eyelash growth and give you longer, stronger, more voluminous lashes. It supports weak, sparse lashes and turns them around for an eyelash booster you won’t want to live without. Eyelash enhancer  by those that have used it leave WooLash reviews that are glowing. We’d love to know what you have to say about it too! Have you tried it yet? Tell us!


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WooLash Customer Reviews

WooLash Reviews 2018

Did you ever use an eyelash growth serum before? Have you tried WooLash? We’d love to know your thoughts on lash growth products, especially if you’re tried WooLash before!


It’s an amazing product! Works perfectly!

Nicole Cooper
Verified Purchase

Makes My Friend Jealous

I use to have a terrible-looking lashes. I use to hide under falsies. But then I saw this product, recommended by my friends, and the low price. And I said, why not? Iíve been using this product for the past 6 weeks and this is my third bottle Iím buying because my daughters keep using them.

Mary White
Verified Purchase

Nice Product

Product came 2 days later than the promised date. Still using the serum and so far I like the way it feels on my lashes. No irritation so far.

Natalie Butler
Verified Purchase


Only used it for a week and can see improvements in my lashes

Ella Allen
Verified Purchase

Terrific Product at less a Third Cost of Revitalash

Haven used Revitalash for well over a year, I decided to try something new. My husband talk me out of trying Woolash but I love trying something new. And I didn’t regret my decision. Will place order for 4 more bottles by next week and use it as gift for my sister.

Sharon Moore
Verified Purchase

Fantastic Product!

I would recommend… it gave my lashes a slight warming sense and I like it. I don’t even need to wear eye makeup.

Hannah Stewart
Verified Purchase

Cant wait to see My Lashes grow

Came quickly good instructions, only been using 9 days and haven’t seen much difference. Will let you know the result.

Alexis Turner
Verified Purchase

The best

Been using it for about two months now, brilliant product even people I know thought I had false lashes in , I’ve even introduced to a few friends of mine and my mum . Brilliant product and worth my 5 star rating.

Kylie Roberts
Verified Purchase

Perfect Product

Wasn’t sure when I ordered the first bottle, but it really does make a difference.

Allison Kelly
Verified Purchase

Very good product

Please wake me up! I can’t believe my lashes can be this way. Definitely the best product I’ve used ever.

Elizabeth Clarke
Verified Purchase

Excellent Product!

The product has given me what have been searching for in a long time. I started seeing the result very fast and had to reduce my time of usage because my lash was getting longer faster than I can imagine. The product is nothing short of a miracle.

Verified Purchase

The very best.

The product is the very best of all eyelash serum. I was a bit skeptical about it but then saw the reviews and I was like let me give it a try. I don’t really enjoy giving reviews online but I had to make an exception because this product is not only the best but also gives a well aligned growth with longer and fuller eyelash. I will buy again and again

Verified Purchase

This product has been my favorite

I have bought many eyelash serum over the years and none of them has given me what I want except this one. The woolash serum is so amazing; I didn’t even have to use it aggressively to get my desired result. Once I started, my eyelash became fuller in two weeks, then I started using it once or twice a week for upkeep which has also really helped keep it how I want it.

Verified Purchase

So Remarkable

The moment I start using this serum, I felt like it was not going to give me that fast result, I was looking forward to months before it becomes visible to what I want but then this product showed me some remarkable results in less than three weeks.

Ariana Zaria
Verified Purchase

The very best

If you always crave for a better eyelash product with no side effects that gives you what you want, get this woolash serum. The item is a massive 7ml and the price is very affordable but I must say its nothing short of the very best. I will definitely buy again.

Verified Purchase

Active as expected

The product is active but it takes longer for the seller to get it here. I had to wait more than the days expected. By the time i got the product, I thought the effect would not be that good but fortunately its worth my wait and time.

Verified Purchase

Helpful but delivery time is long

I find this product very helpful to me giving me a longer eyelash but then I ordered another item and I realized the content was not as filled up as the last one.

Verified Purchase

Small quantity in the product

The product didn’t last, it finished quickly. It works anyway, but the content is small.

Verified Purchase

Late delivery but an active product

The order came very late and am not pleased it took that long. And by the time I got, it looked really rough like it had gone through some kind of packaging and sorting hurdles.

Susan Mathew
Verified Purchase

Helped a lot to the fullest

I keep having my eyelash fall off most times so I decided to do something about it. And the beauty of woolash serum is that not only is it keeping my eyelash full but also helped me maintain growth without it looking pashed or loosed growth.

Verified Purchase

Favourable result after the second tube

I first got a 7ml but then it was not enough so I decided to buy another and it did give me a favorable result after the second tube. That’s because I have a great taste of very long eyelashes But I had to reduce my usage after 3weeks because my eyelash was fuller enough to my desire. So I reduced my usage to just 3times a week for maintenance only.

Verified Purchase

Appealing serum for eyelash

Looking into the mirror every morning and smiling to myself with my longer lashes is very appealing. I wasn’t expecting an amazing result so fast. I thought i had to use it for 3months or thereabouts because I wanted a very long and fuller sexy eyelash. But the result I go in a short time is breathtaking. I love it.

Verified Purchase

Wonderful product that gives great results

Have been using this product for the past 4weeks now and I must say, it’s exactly what the manufacturer claimed it to be. It has a wonderful feeling it gives to the eyelash when applied because it absorbs quickly and works effectively. Its also well packed and the product can make you smart with fuller eyelashes.

Verified Purchase

No side effect and very active.

It actually dries out easily after application with no side effects even though I can be very sensitive with anything on my face. Its also very active and nice on the face with quite an impressive looking eyelash growth. The content is not so much, I figure it’s because you don’t need that much for it to work properly. I definitely recommend to anyone.

Verified Purchase

Great natural product for anyone

This product will give you the most natural and beautiful looking eyelash. My friend used it but I thought I would have to start trimming it when it starts growing but then I didn’t have to because it just grows fuller but not too long that might cause discomfort or look awkward already. It just very natural.

Lucy. M
Verified Purchase

Best so far

The product comes in a 7ml bottle enough to use and the best out there that gives you value for your money. I started getting compliments from my girls that my eyelash are getting fuller and longer making me look more attractive. LOL! Anyway, you can’t get what you really want if you don’t use this product.

Verified Purchase

Great Value for your money

My girlfriend introduced me to this product when I started noticing some changes on her eyelash, at first I was thinking it was diet during the miracle but then I couldn’t help but to ask how is your eyelash growing so nice like that of a baby. She finally told me about it and then I started. And I can say I finally got a great value for the money I paid for compared to most expensive lash serum you may find. I’m so much in love with this product.

Verified Purchase

Accident Fixed

I had a little accident during falsies removal which makes me lose most if not all of my left eyelashes and I waited a long time for it to return to normal but it didn’t, but I started seeing the sign of my eyelash growing again in just two weeks after using the woolash serum.

Rebecca. S
Verified Purchase

Impressive ingredient

I really can’t give a good evaluation of this product for now since I just started using it a few days ago but all the ingredient use is top notch so I have high hope for this product.

Helen. M
Verified Purchase


This serum is magical; it makes my eyelash much fuller, thicker and longer within a space of 4weeks, it is the best serum I have used so far. Unlike other serum woolash is very affordable, comfortable to use and gives a better result.

Donna. M
Verified Purchase

Full Potential

This serum really works! I’ve been using it for some time now, and it’s really helping my lashes grow elegantly. My sparse eyelash is becoming better and thicker than I could ever imagine .i only started using it like 2 weeks ago so I haven’t fully tap onto it full potential so in the meantime I will be giving it 4 Star.

Joy. C
Verified Purchase

Better Treatment

I started using this product about 3 weeks ago and I’ve noticed a huge difference in the growth of my lashes. Before the serum, I had been using a lot of home remedies and treatment like olive oil and aloe vera. The serum is great. It cost less compare to others and it is very comfortable to use.

Helen. T
Verified Purchase

Best serum ever used with reasonable price.

Because of what I got from this product, I had to recommend it to my friends product to show how much they can be reliable. I recommend it for anyone looking for a natural, fully and gorgeous looking lashes that might even get your friends jealous of your new look. Most importantly, I realize after using it for a long time the result is basically permanent. I will be buying this again and again.

Selina Andrews
Verified Purchase

Got the growth I was looking for in 3weeks.


The thing about this product is, don’t use it all the time after a consistent use for 3weeks. The fact is that it will make your eyelash grow fuller and longer as you continue to apply. I started using it when I first got it and in two weeks already looking at the mirror, I noticed my lash has gotten fuller already, I didn’t want it huge as mascara so I stopped using it for a week to see if it will roll back but amazingly it didn’t but then I began using it again every once a week and I am still loving it because it gives me what I want.

Verified Purchase

Looking beautiful again.

I am in my late 60s and my lashes are already failing me. So I went online to find what I could use to give natural fuller eyelash growth. So I discovered woolash on Amazon. And now the result I got has now made me look younger than expected! The eyelash serum made my once natural lashes grow faster and fuller back again, all I do now is just apply little to maintain it. I recommend this product to anyone.

Verified Purchase


This product is amazing I highly recommend it. The result I got from this serum is class. My lashes were damaged from using too much mascara and always using eye curler. The surprising thing is, it is not even as expensive as most eyelash serum but it even works better than all the expensive lash nourishment I have used before.

Hope. B
Verified Purchase

Irritation Free

This eyelash serum is amazing. I’ve used revitalash and other lash serum in the past but none were as impressive as Woolash. It gives no irritation what so ever, it is as natural as it gets. And thanks to the serum my lash grows so elegant that people find it hard to believe it was real at first.

Emily. R
Verified Purchase

No More mascara and lash extension

It took about 6 weeks or so, But I got there. Am not just proud that my eyelash is fuller and longer now, I am pleased to part ways with all the trouble that come with fixing falsies and using mascara. If you want a natural lash, try this serum, or not if you are good with the fakes.

Cassandra. A
Verified Purchase

How troublesome

I landed myself a lot of trouble after getting my sister this serum as a peace offering. It was nice when she started talking to me again, and after some few weeks, she started disturbing me to get another one for her. Well, I am impressed with the result of the serum but I never once thought I would have to keep buying woolash for my tomboyish sister. I guess the compliment she keeps getting for her lashes from everyone is letting her act more like a girl now.

Verified Purchase

My Goodness!

Thank goodness I tried this out. I was having difficulty finding the right solution to fix the damage done to my eyelash due to my carelessness using the lash curler. I have tried many sera, mascara and many home remedies but none of these were able to give a great result like this.

Melissa. M
Verified Purchase

Got Lucky

This is my first time using an eyelash serum, and I can say I got pretty lucky hitting the jackpot on my first trial, I used woolash for a month and some days, and the growth of my eyelash surprises me even though I can see it clearly in the mirror. I am giving this a five star

Verified Purchase

One Week Only!

This product is nice, I haven’t had any side effect or reaction since I started using, Because of this convenience and comfort I will be rating it 3 stars for now. I really can’t say I have started to see any result with the growth of my lash since it as only been a week I started using it but I will give another review in 3 weeks.

Verified Purchase

No More Skepticism

I was a skeptic at first, but I’m glad I tried out this product. After using it for just a month, I’ve noticed that my lashes are much thicker and longer than before. I am in my late forties, and my lashes look way better than when I was in my twenties.

Marvin. W
Verified Purchase

Diligent Serum!

I use this on my lashes now and then. Even though I am not a diligent user I am still astounded at how well it has improved my lash. It makes me wonder how much improvement my eyelash would have gotten if I were a little bit more serious about the daily application. This is a lovely product to use, am obviously going to need more in the future.

Angela. D
Verified Purchase

Longer lashes

Before using this product, my eyelash was nowhere near impressive. This was so frustrating and it made me less confident in my natural self, I need to put on mascara or eyelash extension before going anywhere. I highly recommend woolash serum to grow your lash and also prevent the loss of your hair lash.

Jasmine. W
Verified Purchase

No Irritation

So far so good I have not experienced any complication or irritation with my eyes and for that, I am very grateful. Most sera I have have used before are a hassle because of their itching or burning effect so am glad this wasn’t the case. Since the side effect is out of the way I will continue using this lash for few more weeks and be sure to let you guys know the result.

Verified Purchase

Honest Review!

I bought this product because of the good reviews revolving around this product. My lashes have always average and more sparse than I would have liked. This product has absolutely improved my lashes, making them longer and thicker. I would recommend this product for anyone who wants to nurture and have a natural lash.

Melissa. D
Verified Purchase

Four Star

The serum is impressive; it works fine, just like a friend told me it would. I can now go out with my friends with better confidence. Thanks to woolash I don’t have to worry about looking weird or not looking good enough, I highly recommend this product for anyone who wants to develop an attractive natural eyelash.

Verified Purchase

Massive Lash Improvement

This stuff definitely makes a difference. I use it every night. I’ve been using it for about 2 weeks. Both my lower and upper lash has noticeably improved. My lash is growing longer and is starting to become more evenly distributed than before. I almost couldn’t believe the effect of this product, it is the best lash serum out there.

Verified Purchase

I Love It

Well, if you want the eyelash serum that gives you result within 30days without any backlash, then you should order one woolash serum for yourself. I use to be just proud of my long hair but thanks to woolash my eyelash is just as impressive. I can’t ever get enough of the look in people’s eyes every time I let them know my eyelash is the real deal. The only reason I didn’t rate it 5 stars this time was that my last delivery was a tad late.

Verified Purchase

Best lash product ever!

This product has got to be the best ever. This is the fourth lash serum product I am trying out. I had almost giving up hope when someone advised me to get this. And to be sincere, this is the best thing that ever happened to my eye lashes.

Verified Purchase

Worth every penny

I will recommend this product anytime, anywhere. I have used woolash for a few weeks now and every time I go out people keep asking me if I am wearing eyelash extensions. Woolash is worth every penny. If you want eyelashes that people will envy, then this product should be your pick

Verified Purchase

This serum works perfectly

This product works wonders, within six weeks of using it, my eyelashes do not only look brand new, but also longer and fuller. I do not even have to use my eyelash curler in the morning anymore. I realized that my eye curler was pulling off my lashes bit by bit and that was why I opted for a serum. It is great that I have found a serum that works perfectly for me.

Verified Purchase

I recommend it

It’s just been three weeks since I started using this product and my friend at work look at me in envy. Some of them still cant believe it is my real eyelashes. It’s funny! A lady had to touch them to believe practically. I have been recommending this product, and I will continue to talk about it to anyone who cares to listen

Verified Purchase

Works even for sensitive eyes!

This product really works. My eyes can be really sensitive. I was thinking it was not going to work, but it did. The reactions were very minimal and didn’t last for even two days. And this was just when I started using it. Now, I am rocking my long lashes and have no worries

Verified Purchase

Perfect gift for any lady

I bought this product for my girlfriend and I love the way her eyes are now. She looks more beautiful, the lashes are longer, fuller and sexier. This is an excellent gift that every guy should buy for his lady. She told me that the serum was almost finishing last night and I am about to get her another one.

Verified Purchase

Great eyelash serum

Because of this product, I get wonderful compliments every day. I spend less time on makeup, never use mascara, and my sisters all want this product. I have no job now, and I have to save up for it, but it is worth it. It’s not like all those cheap products that do nothing

Verified Purchase

Late delivery

It took a while before the product got to my place.

Verified Purchase


This is a good product that has worked for me. But anytime it drops in my eyes, it stings a little (well, it wasn’t made to be applied in the eyes). My lashes are long and full. It works.

Georgina. U
Verified Purchase

Incredible Result

This product is unbelievable. Truth is, I don’t even use this product regularly. There are days that I totally forget to, or I am too busy to use it. But it still works. This is the fifth week since I started using it and my eyebrows are already getting fuller. I am sure if I had been using it regularly, my lashes would be way longer by now.

Meredith. M
Verified Purchase

Not doubt at all. It works

I deliberately resisted the urge to give my review until two months after I got it. It’s two months today and trust me I could never have been happier. Now, my eyelashes are extra long and super full. I do not even have to use mascara at all. It wasn’t so easy waiting because every day I noticed it get a little bit longer and fuller and I was tempted to write about it each time, but I decided to wait. Now I can boldly say without any doubt, this product works.

Verified Purchase

No side effects

The product is different from all other lash serums I have ever used, and I know what I am saying because this is the third one, I am using. Not only does it work, I have not experienced a single side effect. The last two products I used were a disaster. One practically made my lashes fall off. The second one caused massive itching around my eyes. But with this product, I have not experienced any of those reactions.

Verified Purchase

Gives tremendous results

A friend recommended this product to me. At first, I was very skeptical, but now, I realize this is the best choice I have ever concerning my eyelashes. I have been using this product for 4 weeks, and the results have been tremendous. You need to see how full and long my eyelashes are. Great product!

Verified Purchase

I noticed quick changes

This product is amazing. I saw improvement within the first two weeks. No stress! All I have to do is apply it on my lashes. It works so well I wish that the manufacturers add more content in each tube so that it can last longer than usual. My eyes lashes are getting longer and it has been great experience

Verified Purchase

Nice product

This seems like a good product. Just got it yesterday. Still waiting for results but I have seen this product work for my best friend. Can’t wait to notice the changes. Would update my review then.

Verified Purchase

Really really good product

I usually am not the type to give reviews because I believe that most products are usually hyped. But after using this product for five weeks, I have no choice but to write about how good it is. I was looking at the picture I took before I started the product and I couldn’t believe the changes. This product is just splendid.

Jane. M
Verified Purchase

Totally surprised me

After over thirty years of living with really sparse eyelashes, you can’t imagine my surprise to see visible changes within just two weeks. It is like a miracle. When I was getting it, I jokingly told my friend that with eyelashes as scanty as mine, it would take a miracle for the product to work. And it did. My lashes are getting fuller by the day. Trust me; this product is what every eyelash needs.

Alicia. K
Verified Purchase

Will definitely buy again

I have been using this product for months now. My tube is about to finish, and I will get another one. My lashes are curling alright and have been growing faster than I expected. all my friends are envious and I do not even have to use mascara anymore. it doesn’t even cost as much as the former eyelash serum I used to use. This is a product that works.

Maria. P
Verified Purchase

Works for any age. Would recommend it

When my daughter suggested this product, I was very skeptical about it. I am 57 years old, and I apparently told her that it wouldn’t work for someone my age. Anyways she bought it for me. And after three weeks of using it, I am now a believer. My eyelashes are growing and they are fuller. Feeling younger. My only regret is that I didn’t find this sooner.

Joanna. J
Verified Purchase

Five stars!!!!

I am not one to give a long review, but this product works. Will give 5 stars any day and time. It doesn’t cost so much. Used it for 4 weeks, and everyone wants to know the magic I performed on my lashes.Great product.

Katherine. C
Verified Purchase


I lost my lashes a long time ago, so believe me when I said to see my lashes growing again was very intriguing. I am in my early 60 ’s, and I have always thought the days of my lashes growing back was long over but thanks to woolash I can grasp the feeling of what it means to be young again

Lisa. Q
Verified Purchase

Fast Result

I have been using this product for just a few weeks and my lashes have developed a great deal. I have a longer, fuller eyelash now and I wonder how far it will continue to grow. This serum is really one of a kind.

Verified Purchase

Stronger Lashes

I have not noticed any significant improvement in the length of my eyelash since I started using the serum but I have seen my lash are stronger and more evenly distributed than they were before even though I have only been using the serum for 2 weeks I can tell that already a good result.

Jean. H
Verified Purchase

Not surprise

Well, I could tell from the great review I found everywhere about woolash that this is the real deal but it took a month and some days for me to get the result I want. I have used the product for 2 months now and so far I have experienced great result, lash extension can’t even compete with my natural lash anymore.

Verified Purchase

Minor force

It took a while but I got there eventually, I got a decent natural lash in no time. Woolash strengthens my lash and makes it resist a minor force that might make the lash fallout unnaturally. Therefore giving my lash more chance to grow longer. Woolash is an amazing product.

Verified Purchase

Not easy accessible

Yeah, right! Where is all this hype coming from, true woolash is great, lash grow longer, thicker and there is no or almost no side effect, but the thing is you can only get the real product from the main site since the owner is not affiliated with any other seller. Therefore it is not easily accessible.

Verified Purchase

This is a great product

This serum is not bad at all, I have only used it for 3 weeks and It has already restored most of my lash. I originally have a natural long lash but due to some circumstance, I lost it. Thanks to woolash my lashes continue to grow at an understandable pace. This is a great product, I am going to order more very soon.

Verified Purchase

Lucky encounter

I have fairly long natural eyelash but due to the use of excessive and harsh eye cosmetic make it fall out, my eyelash then falls below average. But because my desire to nurture my eyelash was strong I had a lucky encounter with woolash serum after trying so many sera. This only took 4 weeks to give me an eyelash that befits a princess in a fairy tale.

Verified Purchase

Sensitive eyes

I have used other lash nourishment in the past but this one is different, even though it has been confirmed by my doctor that I have a very sensitive eyes, I felt no irritation or discomfort of any kind using this product moreover I couldn’t believe my lashes could grow to be almost comparable to what an eyelash extension look like. I will rate this 10 star if I can but unfortunately, 5 stars are the maximum

Katherine. C
Verified Purchase

Stupid mistake, a blessing in disguise

A friend of mine made a foolish mistake that cost me a lot 5 month ago. She has detached my falsies more time than I could remember without any issue so I don’t know how she did it last time that I lost most of my eyelashes. Well, as a sign of apology she bought this eye serum, I was very skeptic about it at first but I had no choice but to accept it since the deed as already been done. I never know this was a blessing in disguise, my eyelash has grown so much in the past couple of month that I have not done any attachment ever since that incident.

Verified Purchase

Fast Reaction

This is nice, believes me or not after just a week of using this serum my eyelashes already began to undergo significant changes. I could feel it. Usually my lash was not equally spaced, but in just a week I noticed my lashes were becoming thicker and evenly distributed. I am looking forward to how much my lash will develop after my second week of using this ridiculous serum.

Irene. K
Verified Purchase

Maybe what they say is true

I am so excited, this serum is so easy to use I still can’t believe after using it for 3 weeks or so I have not experienced any itching or side effect that usually accompany most of this serum, I guess it is true what they say about it not having any side effect.

Verified Purchase

Not expensive

This is so amazing, I can’t believe such a ridiculous product can be this cheap. I have bought much expensive serum that can’t even compare to this. I don’t know how woolash do it but am glad my lash is growing without any complication or backlash.

Verified Purchase

Strengthening my lash already!

This is cool I only just started using this product a few days ago, and I am quite impressed with the effect it has on my lashes. I wasn’t expecting it to start doing anything this soon, I mean strengthening my lash, what a way to go.

Verified Purchase

57 year old can still grow lashes

This serum is great, I mean who would have thought that a 57-year-old like me can still grow eyelashes like the young stars. Well, my daughter did, she bought me this woolash serum as a present for Thanksgiving. I had my doubt it was going to work on me though but I use it anyway and it working nicely.

Verified Purchase

It won’t belong

Thanks to woolash I can now do my makeup without using mascara and attachment and go to work or on a date. At the rate at which my lash is improving it won’t be long before my lashes stand toe to toe with eyelash extension. This product is the best I have used so far.

Verified Purchase

This is ridiculous

This product is amazing; its effect is too much, I wouldn’t believe half of the things this serum does if I didn’t experience it personally. In just a month my lash can’t even be compared to how it was initially. The development is just too much.

Sylvia. H
Verified Purchase

Very convenient to use

This product is easy to use. I mean I have used some other eyelash serum, and I can tell from my experience that there are risk and discomfort in using some of this serum. But this new serum is different, I don’t know how they were able to reduce the side effect but I am glad they did.

Michele. W
Verified Purchase

Extremely Delighted

I am delighted with the outcome of this serum. I only started using the eyelash nourishment in less than a month ago, and two of my girl friend s and my sister are already using it too. I can’t forget the looks in their eyes when they beg me to tell them my secret. Woolash is cut out from the rest

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Three Star

I have only used this product for one week to be exact. It is very nice; I think it is making my last grow more beautiful now. I don’t have enough information to make a better evaluation right now so I will be rating it 3 stars for now

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I like it

I like WooLash sooo much, idk what else to say, it just works!

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