Eyelash Serum

What Causes Lash Loss and How You Can Grow Lashes Again


We take such great pains to look our best, and having full, lush lashes really makes our eyes look best. Thick, long and strong lashes exude youthfulness, and losing them or having them break off can be frustrating.


There are many causes for lash loss. Here are the most common:


  • Hormonal changes – As we age, our hormones can cause the slowdown of new eyelash growth.
  • Certain medications and endocrine disorders –  If you’ve had treatments for certain illnesses or have been prescribed certain medications, they can cause your lashes to fall out or even stop them from growing.
  • Mascara – Particularly, waterproof mascara is the most common problem that affects lash growth. The excessive tugging that happens when you’re removing your mascara each night, waterproof or not, can result in destroying the delicate lash line.
  • Nutrient deficiency – If you’ve started a diet, particularly one that has you making drastic changes to what you eat, you might be lacking in certain key vitamins that are vital for your health. Vitamins C, E, H, and B6 and very important for your lash and hair health too.


Is there anything you can do about it? Yes! For one, you should make sure you’re eating healthfully, stop wearing such stubborn mascara formulas and look for ones that are easy to remove without rubbing or scrubbing, and get the best eyelash serum on the market. The lash booster known as WooLash is the most effective and best eyelash serum to grow lashes. This top rated eyelash growth serum has a special proprietary formula of ingredients that really work.


WooLash uses peptides that have been clinically proven to nourish the lash base and grow longer, stronger, and thicker lashes. Stem cells from grape skins are another ingredient that delivers in this eyelash conditioner. With humectants and Provitamin B5, WooLash is the eyelash growth serum that works, no matter how your lashes have been lost.


WooLash Pros and Cons

Why should you use WooLash? It has been called the best eyelash serum, and for good reason. You might want to learn more about the pros of using WooLash for lash growth.


WooLash Advantages

With WooLash, the ingredients are directly responsible for nourishing your skin at the base of the lashes. Without healthy skin and follicles, you will not experience lash growth. This is the most important reason to use WooLash. Additionally, this eyelash thickening serum conditions, strengthens, and prevents the breakage of your lashes so new lash growth comes in stronger and fuller. The most effective eyelash enhancing serum there is, WooLash can turn weak, sparse or short lashes into lush and luminous lashes.


WooLash Disadvantages

If you’re looking for instant results though, you’re going to have to be patient. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your longer, stronger, thicker lashes. It should be noted that it may cause irritation for some, but most women have found this lash serum to work for them. WooLash is only available online which disappoints some because they want to go buy it now and start using it the instant they get home. We can’t say we blame them, but it is worth it to wait for yours to be delivered. If you order it today, you’re one step closer to using it and getting the lash growth you’ve dreamed of.