How Fast Does an Eyelash Growth Enhancer Need to be to get the Job Done?

Whatever the reason for losing your lashes, when your eyes are looking less lash-full, turning to an eyelash growth serum is what most women do. Unfortunately though, there are tons of eyelash growth products on the market. While you’d think having plenty of choices is a good thing, in the case of eyelash growth serum, it’s not.


The reason is because there are so many duds out there. You’ll find them all lining the aisles of your local beauty shop, armed with false promises of fast lash growth. Most of them are formulated with biotin, a B-vitamin that’s received much recognition for hair and nail growth yet has no solid proof that it is the reason for this growth.

It’s not that biotin is bad for you or anything. It can be quite beneficial, however in most forms you find it, especially in lash growth serums, it is ineffective because it isn’t being absorbed into your system properly. Even if you take a supplement with biotin, it’s rarely formulated correctly for your body to get what it needs out of it. What a waste!

Hence, you could be using these products on your lashes for weeks and months and see no difference. It’s even more frustrating, spending more money and hoping that the next one you buy will work.

If you want to grow longer eyelashes, you need an eyelash growth serum that works. Part of that is in the ingredients it contains. For example, WooLash uses peptides that have been clinically proven to nourish the lash base and grow longer, stronger, and thicker lashes. It also uses stem cells from grape skins, humectants and Provitamin B5. By using an eyelash serum formula like WooLash that nourishes your lashes from root to tip, you can expect lash growth to improve dramatically in just a few weeks.

WooLash makes your eyelashes grow thicker, fuller, and stronger, preventing breakage so that they maintain a healthy and lengthy look. It does require diligence and patience on your part though. While you will use any eyelash growth serum for a period of time before you can expect results, those other brands from the cheap ones in the supermarket to some of those top luxury name brands can be applied over and over again without seeing an improvement. WooLash is the only one that has been clinically-proven to bring out the best in your lashes with improvements in just a few weeks.

Results will vary by person too, so if your lash follicles have been damaged from excessive wear and tear or even wearing makeup to bed too often, you must be patient and keep up a proper skincare routine while using WooLash to achieve your fastest lash growth results.

WooLash is only available online and for some with skin sensitivities, it may cause irritation. Much of the buzz about WooLash is positive though with many women that are thrilled with the results. you can see reviews customer in woolash reviews page.While it won’t work instantly overnight, it will start laying the foundation to nourish your lashes and prime them for lash growth so you can start seeing longer, thicker, and healthier lashes in a very short time.

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