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Grow Longer Lashes All By Yourself Naturally

Are you tired of hiding your short, sparse lashes under fake extensions? Will you like to grow your lashes longer and fuller within a few days naturally? This article is for you.

Women appreciate and desire longer, fuller lashes. Why? It shapes the eyes properly, making a face more beautiful and attractive. Women also love attention, so they want to attract compliments from the opposite sex as well.

While some people are blessed with beautiful lashes, others are not so lucky. So what do you do if you are among the unlucky ones? How do you revive your sparse, thin lashes and make them beautiful?

Technology has brought us a lot of solutions. Firstly, you have mascaras. You can apply mascara to help your lashes appear fuller and longer for the whole day. Also, you can choose from all shapes, length, color, and thickness of false eyelashes to enhance your lashes. And, you can use a top eyelash serum to improve your lashes naturally. All these options are geared toward your looking beautiful and attractive.

We also have some expensive procedures like the permanent eyelash transplant where a little part of your skin is removed from your back and then transplanted to your lash line with up to 20 or more lashes on each lash line. This procedure is expensive, costing around $5000 for an eye. And it is dangerous and painful (you need up to three weeks healing time).

But is growing longer, fuller lashes have to be that expensive and painful? I guess you know the answer.

Grow Longer Lashes On Your Own

The best option to grow your lashes naturally with minimal side effects is to use a potent serum for eyelashes. The first eyelash serum, Latisse, was introduced in 2008 after some people treated with eye drops meant to treat glaucoma started having longer, fuller lashes. And it didn’t take long before the company producing the eye drop (Allergan Inc.), and other cosmetic brands started working on their brands of serum to grow longer eyelashes.

The active ingredient in Latisse is Bimatoprost, a form of prostaglandin analog. The product stimulates hair follicles to produce hair and prolong the anagen (growth phase of the lashes). This makes the lashes thicker, fuller, longer, and darker within 8 weeks.

However, the side effects are severe and intolerable. So, the discovery of other formulations without bimatoprost and other dangerous ingredients. First, let’s take a look at some of the side effects of using Latisse:

  • Eye itching
  • Discomfort and red eyes
  • Eye redness, puffy eyelids, or watery eyes
  • Severe burning around the eyes
  • Vision impairment and blurriness
  • Feeling like having dirt lodged in your eyes
  • Permanent changes to Iris and eyelid color
  • And several more

What Then Is The Alternative To A Prostaglandin Serum

Because of the severe side effects of prostaglandin-based serum, many cosmetic companies spent a lot of money on the research and development of safe but effective serum for eyelashes. And the result is XX.

XX uses the power of polypeptides and biotins to mend the broken communication between the dermal papilla and lash follicles so that you can have longer, fuller lashes within 2 to 6 weeks. Unlike Latisse and other bimatoprost-based serum, XX is suitable for all skin types and doesn’t trigger allergies.

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The first thing we notice about anyone we meet is their eyelash. The eye is the center of attraction of anyone before anything else. This is why having a longer eyelash for women are very important to ensure a pretty and gorgeous look.

Those with short and sparsely looking eyelash would often prefer the use of mascara to change the appearance of their lashes. However, there are varied options that could help with making the eyelash look longer naturally.

From natural remedies to synthetic, and the most active being an eyelash serum, you no longer need to create the appearance of longer lashes but get one naturally.

Growing the eyelash naturally requires some certain steps to follow and basic things to avoid.

Proper Cleaning of eyelash and removal of makeup

One of the major steps of growing the eyelash naturally is to ensure that our eyelash is cleanse and cleanse well. Using harsh cleansers to remove makeup and clean the eyelashes can be very harmful to the eyes. Proper cleaning of the eyelash to remove any trace of dirt and makeup can help reduce the possibility of infection on your lashes and eyes.

The use of gentle motions when getting rid of mascara is very important to avoid loss of eyelash. Also, avoid using waterproof mascara on the eyelash as this will cause loss of eyelash. This is because waterproof mascara contain formula that makes it hard to remove.

It often clumps the lashes together, making it difficult to totally cleanse them. This could even lead to the breaking of your lashes if you’re not gentle while removing the mascara because they have become dry.

More so it is important to avoid sleeping with the makeup on. It’s normal to put on makeup during the day and essential to remove them before bed regardless of how tired we might be.

Natural remedies

Having a longer, fuller eyelash is no longer required to be accomplished through false means. There are natural ways to improve our lashes and its beauty.

Use of aloe vera

Aloe vera contains an enzyme that promotes lash growth. It is also proficient for promoting natural restoration of the hair and can be applied directly to affected areas. Aloe vera can be combined with other natural products for effectiveness. Also, aloe vera can be combined with protein diet to combat loss of eyelashes.

Use vitamins

The intake of vitamins to nourish and revitalize the eyelash is also an effective means of growing the eyelash naturally. Adding fruits, vegetables, nuts to improve your intake of vitamins and also the use of vitamin supplements can also be very helpful.

Do natural remedies work?

Re-growing our hair using natural remedies can be quite effective but they are also very slow. This is because the eyelash has it’s own growth phase and natural remedies is only meant to manage the successful growth phase of each lash without actually stimulating lash growth.

If you desire faster method, that will stimulate the eyelash growth and enhancement to make your lash grow longer, fuller, thicker, strengthened and more stunning follow the link below please open the page eyelash enhancer reviews

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