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Eyelash growth serum is everywhere these days. You can’t flip through a magazine without seeing advertisements for them or shop for cosmetics without seeing them lining the shelves. They come in prices from cheap to pricey and all promise they can help you grow longer lashes.

But not all that glitters is gold. Most of these eyelash serums don’t do anything for you. Cosmetic makers bank off your insecurities, and one of the things that makes women insecure is a lack of luscious lashes. In most of the products you’ll find, they contain biotin. Biotin isn’t harmful in the slightest, but there is no proof that it can aid in eyelash growth.

Some formulas use castor oil as an agent in lash growth. Castor oil is a type of vegetable oil that does have many healthful benefits, however lash growth is not one of them. It merely makes it look longer when the oil is applied to your lashes. A trick of the eyes, if you will.

If you really want to grow longer eyelashes, you need to use an eyelash serum that works. Read the labels and look for peptides and stem cells to accompany the other ingredients if you want to buy a lash growth serum that will bring your lashes back to life.

Active Ingredients to Look For
One eyelash conditioner out there really works, but many women do not know about it because you can’t find it in any store. WooLash is a lash booster that is only available online. It has been called the best eyelash enhancer by many beauty enthusiasts. As the top rated eyelash growth serum, it contains a roster of proven ingredients that work independently and cooperatively to grow lashes.

Specifically, an innovative peptide known as Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17 nourishes skin at the base of the lash, working to moisturize and condition every lash to prevent breakage and reveal longer, plumper lashes with natural volume.

Grape Stem Cells are another important ingredient that promote proven lash growth. These plant stem cells come from the skin of grapes and power the delicate lash line with antioxidants to stimulate growth and grow longer lashes.

Adding these two ingredients together is a science-infused-with-nature solution to growing longer, stronger, and more beautiful lashes again. Along with glycerin and Provitamin B5, WooLash is a lash lengthening serum that has changed the game in the skincare industry, giving women noticeable results with restored eyelash growth.


It’s important to know though that despite these effective science-backed ingredients from nature, even the best eyelash growth serum out there cannot grow back your lashes overnight. It takes time and patience. Give it a few weeks and be sure that you’re properly caring for your skin and your overall health to see the best results from the best eyelash conditioner woolash

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