Thanks to extensive research, we’re now becoming more and more aware of the chemicals we’re using on our bodies to achieve a more beautified look. From skincare products to lash growth serums, the desire for transparency of companies for consumers is in high demand. Toxic ingredients can actually do more harm than good, leading to more damage that can cause lashes to fall out.

If you are trying to grow longer lashes, toxic ingredients will set you back. Now that we know the damage that can be done, it’s important to read the labels on your skincare products. Eyelashes are even more delicate and seeking out the best lash growth serum is imperative to restoring them to a lush, voluminous appearance. One of the best eyelash enhancers that beauty editors have been raving about recently is something called WooLash because it uses naturally-derived ingredients that are completely proven and science-backed to deliver lash growth results.

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WooLash is a lash booster that has been called the best eyelash enhancer by many beauty enthusiasts. As the top rated eyelash growth serum, it contains an innovative peptide known as Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17 which nourishes skin at the base of the lash. It moisturizes and conditions every lash to prevent breakage and reveal longer, plumper lashes with completely natural volume.

Grape Stem Cells are another important ingredient that promote proven lash growth. As the name suggests, they come from the skin of grapes and nourish the delicate lash line with antioxidants to stimulate growth and grow longer lashes. Glycerin, a humectant, infuses and hydrates the lash area, sealing it in to serve as a powerful lash booster. Along with Provitamin B5, WooLash is a lash thickening serum that takes what nature gave us to make our lashes grow while using science-backed methods to combine it together into one formula that truly works.

WooLash Pros and Cons
WooLash has many pros which include the use of natural ingredients that were extensively researched and proven by science to be effective. Most people that have used it to grow longer eyelashes have stated that this is an eyelash growth serum that works. A very small number of users experienced eye irritation, however they also had sensitive skin and eye issues. A small group of customers were unhappy that it didn’t work instantly, however there is no such thing as growing eyelashes overnight. Patience is required in order to see results. For the rest, most experienced noticeable eyelash growth in length as well as volume and thickness in three to four weeks with daily use as instructed on the packaging.

The biggest complaint though seems to be that WooLash is only available online. That means you’ll have to be patient and wait for it to be delivered to your door. With a natural list of science-proven ingredients, it’s worth it and if you give it a few weeks of diligent use, you’ll notice a big difference in how your eyelashes grow.

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