It is common for women to want to make their eyelashes look charming and attractive because it is the essential feature that adds the most distinct look to their makeup.There are different treatments women can use to accomplish this, but the most common ones are using the eyelash attachment and the eyelash serum. It is crucial for one to look at these two treatments in more detail to be able to understand how safe and effective they are.


Eyelash attachment is the fake lash commonly attach on the real lash to give more extended and great looking ones.

These falses are the most common treatment used by women to get the long lashes they want, and any woman can get any beautiful lash they want in just a short period with this.

 It usually takes around one to two hours to attach all the fake lashes on the natural ones with a special kind of glue design for the whole process. Anyone can start using them immediately after the procedure.

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Besides giving you the most beautiful artificial lashes these fakes can be quite troublesome,  it is not perfect. It has its shortcomings.

 These lashes can cause several side effects since they are bound to attract dust and other particles to the eye due to the adhesive used to attach them, the eye may also react to this glue causing severe eye irritation or damages.

Furthermore, these extensions are temporary. They can only stay in prime condition within a short of time, after which they start to lose their looks and start getting all sparse and ugly. There is no choice but to remove them when they start showing signs of wearing out.

And finally removing these attachments always cause the loss of your real lash and may leave you with little or no eyelash, making your eyes exposed to danger and other infection.

So, therefore, the disadvantage of this eyelash treatment far outweigh the good it those.


These sera are also called eyelash enhancer because of their ability to make your lashes grow beyond anything you can ever imagine. Eyelash enhancers are serum design to help your natural lash grow longer, stronger and thicker.

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They have all the nutrient and mineral extracted from the right natural sources that will help the eyelash even your eyebrow grow beyond their original limit and continue to improve them as long as you keep using them.

Not only do these sera improve your lash, but they also pose no threat or irregularity to your eyes.  It is important to note that your eyes natural defence to foreign particles and infection become better as your lashes improve.

Your lashes can be as full and attractive as an attachment and even better with these eyelash enhancers, but there is a catch; you have to get the right serum and use it for at least four weeks.

There are a lot of different kinds of these eyelash boosters in the market, and like every product sold there, fakes or those that do not work as expected exist.  But once you can overcome this and get your hands on the right one, then the sky is just the limit for your lashes.

Eyelash enhancer and extension are two sides of the same coin so it normal for different people to have a different preference, but everyone wants the best and am sure you do too, so if you wish to have the last and final solution to your sparsely looking lash, click on the link to get it right now.

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