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Three bizarre treatments used in ancient times for lash growth

Eyelash treatment is as old as man roamed the earth. Long before now, man has kept a cultural, emotional, and psychological attachment to the eyelashes.

Different countries developed symbolism for the eyelashes. The Catholic Church saw it as a symbol of impurity, the Romans saw it as a symbol of chastity, for others it became a way of life.

Kohl Usage

The use of Kohl as eye cosmetics dates back to ancient times. Kohl is made by grinding stibnite (Sb2S3). Stibnite is a sulfur mineral with characteristic soft grey material. It is used in the Middle East, South Asia, the Mediterranean, North Africa as both an eyeliner and an eyelash makeup.

Mothers usually put Kohl on their child’s eye soon after birth to strengthen their eyes and ward off evil. Kohl was first used as an eye treatment solution before it became a cosmetic. Indians were among the first people to use it as a cosmetic.

It is interesting to note that while Kohl remained banned in the US- due to the lead contained in it – it has continued to be used in Africa, and India.

Early forms of Mascaras           

Mascaras did not become a beauty regimen until the Victorian era. During this period, great efforts were made in promoting cosmetics to change the social opinion about cosmetics usage.

Before then, cosmetics were seen as unfashionable and uncouth in Western culture. With the growing illusion of longer and darker eyelashes, Victorian women learned to make mascaras in their homes .

The earliest form of mascaras saw them heat a mixture of ash and elderberry juice on a plate. The heated mixture would then be applied on the lashes. Modern mascaras only started to develop in the 19th century, when Chemist Eugène Rimmel, developed a mixture using petroleum jelly.


The early 19th century saw women go through extreme measures to have longer lashes. This extremity was driven by a statement made by a famed philosopher, Pliny the Elder, who said, “Eyelashes fell out from excessive sex, and so it was especially important for women to keep their eyelashes long to prove their chastity,”. This assertion spread like wildfire and drove women to go through the extreme measure of implanting lashes on the eyelids using needles. The belief that, “beauty is pain” took on extraordinary effects during this period in most European cities.


It is now obvious that your obsession with longer and fuller eyelashes is not limited to you. Our forefathers have long been fascinated with this dangly, cascading hairs on our eyelids. Don’t be mistaken; our forefathers were just as crazy as you were for longer eyelashes.

The mere thought of using needles to extend the eyelashes was the height of the craze for longer eyelashes. Nobody wants to be seen as an overused sexual material with fallen eyelashes. It is quite interesting to see what people do to grow longer eyelashes. 

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